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Britton, Helen
Artist statement
Munich 2008. I am still roaming around finding things, hunting for and gathering materials, like I've been doing for years. No shores here though, a few river banks and also heaps of junk. Europe: the residue of matter, contemporary and otherwise is exotic and plentiful, piled up in the flea markets, spilling onto the streets out of shops, being broken or discarded and crunched back into the earth for centuries.
So from this mass of matter I assemble these collisions of design, these baroque, reduction resistant assemblages, these unruly aesthetic desires. There is a lot of pleasure here, and also a measure of aggression, seeking its meaning in the present, walking directly out of my lived experience. Making jewellery, I play out tensions and beautiful collisions in a small complex space, building miniature theatrical landscapes and emotional responses to the material world.
Public collections:
Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia | The Art Gallery of Western Australia | The Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia | The Museum of South Australia | The Art Gallery of Queensland | Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany | Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands | Australian National Gallery | Helen Drutt Collection, Philadelphia, United States | Schmuck Museum, Pforzheim, Germany | Museum of Auckland, New Zealand | Stichting Françoise van den Bosch, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2007: Erfurter Stadtgoldschmiedin, Erfurt, Germany
2006: Project Stipendium, Kulture Referät, München | Bavarian State prize (Bayerischer Staatspreis)
2005: DAAD-Preis f. Ausländische Studenten, Diplom AdBK München | Herbert Hofmann Preis
2005: Development Grant, The Australia Council
1999: Development Assistance, The Australia Council | Chancellors Commendation for Research,Curtin University of Technology, W. Australia | Development Grant, Arts WA, W. Australia
1997: Development Assistance. The Australia Council | Australian Postgraduate Research Award 

Solo exhibitions:
Exempla IHM München | Helen Britton. Gallery Sofie Lachaert, Tielrode, Belgien
2007: All else Imaginable, Gallery Louise Smit, Amsterdam | Tier aus der Ferne. Rathaus, Erfurt | Jewellery Machine Galerie Beatrice Lang, Bern Schweiz
2006: Urban Paradise Playground Objectspace, Auckland, New Zealand |Sofa, New York, USA
2005: Nature Stories, Gallery Biro, Munich |Home Ground, FORM, Western Australia | Second Nature, Gallery Louise Smit, Amsterdam
2004: Crisscrossing, Gallery Hélène Porée, Paris
2003: Ping Pong, with Doris Betz, Gallery Oona, Berlin | Silk purse from a sows ear-uus Schyssdrägg Angge mache with David Bielander, Gallery Biro, Munich and Jewelerswerk, Washington
2002: Pink World, Gallery Louise Smit, Amsterdam
Surprising Worlds with Doris Betz, Gallery Funaki, Melbourne
2001: Two Shining Stars from the Southern Hemisphere with Lisa Walker, Gallery Oona, Berlin
1999: Toxic Clouds and Cyberflowers, John Curtin Gallery, Perth
1998: Works in progress, San Diego State University
1997: Savage Princess Comes to Town, Crawford Gallery, Sydney
Related publications
Helen Britton: Second Nature
Julie Ewington
Perth: 2004

She builds her pieces by means of carefully rendered computer drawings.

Techincal data: 35 pages, sof cover, full colour images, text in English, 18 x 18 cm

ISBN/ISSN: 0957884370

Out of print
Art is Flowering, Floral Motifs in Jewellery and Contemporary Art
Cornelie Holzach (ed.)
Stuttgart: 2007

A sumptuously illustrated interdisciplinary book on flowers that - far from kitsch and cliché - makes the historical and contemporary cultural significance of bloom and blossom a treat for the senses.

Techincal data: 192 pages, hardback, 159 colour illustrations, text in German and English, 17 x 24 cm

ISBN/ISSN: 978-3-89790-277-0

Price from: $40.85

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Out of print
Preziosa 2010
Cornelie Holzach (ed.)
Florence: 2010

(...) PREZIOSA presents three masters of research jewellery: tree artists, three different nationalities, a geographical line leading from North to South: Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy. The three artists had been asked to select a younger artist to set up a dialogue with: the exhibition was thus driven by a “spirit of dialogue”. (...)

Techincal data: 112 pages full colour, size 20 x 24 cm

Price from: 20 €

Order book (Le Arti Orafe)

Out of print
Helen Britton: Jewellery Life
Cornelie Holzach (ed.)
Sidney: 2011

(...) In 2004 I printed my first catalogue; the pink one. 1500 copies, which were distributed by 2006. When the New Goff printery in Belgium offered to help me with the next catalogue, I decided to stay with the format and structure of this first one. (...)

Techincal data: 38 pages, soft cover, colour photographs, text in English and German, 18 x 18 cm

ISBN/ISSN: 9789081539128

Price from: 20 €

Order book (Le Arti Orafe)

Order book

Helen Britton, 1966, born in  Lithgow / Australia. Artist that lives and works in Munich. Studied at the Munich Academy of Fine Art, The Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam and San Diego State Universityand and has works on the folowing collections: The Art Gallery of Western Australia, The Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, The Museum of South Australia, The Art Gallery of Queensland, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Australian National Gallery, Helen Drutt [+]
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