Klimt02 Gallery: the art jewellery space in Barcelona
van Kouswijk, Manon
Artist statement
It all starts with the presence of the object. In a way objects are just like people; some of them put a lot of effort into drawing your attention, by dressing up and making a lot of noise.
Others are just there, unobtrusive, leaving it up to you to discover them (or not).
I envy their ability to infiltrate, to make themselves almost invisible. (Maybe I can do the same)
My making moves around them, I pick them up and turn them upside down, questioning their function and materiality.
Public collections:
Stedelijk museum, Amsterdam | Røhsska Museet, Gøteborg | Dutch Textile Museum, Tilburg  | National Gallery Victoria, Melbourne | ABN/AMRO Collection, Amsterdam | Foundation Françoise van den Bosch, Amsterdam | FNAC, Paris

2005: Working grant, the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts Design and Architecture
2004: Basisstipendium Netherlands Foundation VADA | Mondriaan Foundation/ Foundation VADA, for exhibition in Australia
2002: Working Grant, Netherlands Foundation VADA

Solo exhibitions:
Gallery Ra, Amsterdam, - solo -
2006: Gallery Funaki, Melbourne, “Heart Beads”, presentation of new works | Gallery Deux Poissons, Tokyo
2005: Gallery So, Solothurn, Switserland | Stockholm, workshop + exhibition, Konsthantverkarna gallery.
2004: Gallery Funaki, Melbourne | Verzameld Werk, Gent
2003: “RE:Place”, gallery Ra, Amsterdam
2001: Verzameld Werk, Gent | “Horizon table”, gallery Ra, Amsterdam
2000: “gallery Funaki, the 2nd Floor”, Melbourne
Related publications
Hanging Around / The Pearl Chain Principle
Manon van Kouswijk
Amsterdam: 2010

(...) This exhibition catalogue shows a new series of porcelain necklaces and a selection from her pearl necklaces done in the last 15 years. She has also collected pictures in which the phenomenon of the pearl necklace is visible. (...)

Techincal data: 68 pages, hardcover, colour and black & white photographs, text in English, 17 x 27 cm

ISBN/ISSN: 978-90-804085-5-5

Price from: 30 Ç

Order book (Galerie Ra)

Manon van Kouswijk, 1967, born in  Warnsveld, the Netherlands. Artist that lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with works at the following colections: Stedelijk museum, Røhsska Museet, Dutch Textile Museum, National Gallery, ABN/AMRO Collection, Foundation Françoise van den Bosch, FNAC. And teacher since the 2002 at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam. [-]
Klimt02 Collection
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