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Piece basics
Piece name: Loose Fruit & Vegetable Objects
Year: 2014
Materials: Pink gold plated copper, electroformed copper
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Ref.: hackenberg_oct2014_8
A serie of objects made out of Pink gold plated or patinated copper and electroformed copper.
The pieces consist on the following fruits and vegetables: Banana, Pear, Apple, Cherry, Plum, Potato, Carrot and Zuccini

Variable sizes and surface treatment

On sale individually or as customized group

Gésine Hackenberg: Daily Delicious – Feast of Today

Klimt02 | Gallery presents in Barcelona Daily Delicious – Feast of Today, a series of necklaces and objects by the German artist Gésine Hackenberg. The exhibition is a study of the relationship between fruits and vegetables with the people and their bodies. In the execution of this work, the emphasis lies on the human perspective and constructed nature, made of thin copper sheet.

Loose Fruit & Vegetable Objects
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Loose Fruit & Vegetable Objects, 2014, Object
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