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Piece basics
Piece name: Ld7
Year: 2011
Materials: Reconstructed stone, agathe stone, paint, 9ct gold
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Ref.: dra_fit_07
Limbo days versus found in translation.

Where a piece, or a series of works, is born? From where do they arise? Where do they belong to? If we don’t follow the birth metaphor to illuminate the fact of rising or appearing, if we don’t stick to the character of the demiurge ... what other image can help us to illustrate what happens too when a creation work happens? There is something that was not there and then later, something appears. Something that is, be it something radically new or be it something rebuilt, reorganized. Is it relevant to ask: where? What is now here is just because it sucks the sap and metabolizes a locus? Or else, this is here simply because the circumstances were propitious, because it found the exit door, the perfect combination of chances and possibilities to finally solemnly break the thin dyed sugar and raise its arms gracefully giving meaning to the cake, to the bustling room, to the neighborhood and to the city and its blinking lights, boasting the chances of good news?

As the poet says, we are all ultra-local, but there is that who conceals it better

Gemma Draper. 2011

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