Exhibition  /  06 Oct 2020  -  25 Oct 2020
Published: 18.09.2020
Emily Beckley. Necklace: Sea Connection, 2020. Ghost net, marine nylon rope, pearls.. Photo by: Rob Frith. Emily Beckley
Necklace: Sea Connection, 2020
Ghost net, marine nylon rope, pearls.
Photo by: Rob Frith
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Connexions showcases new contemporary jewellery works by Australian artists Emily Beckley, Fatemeh Boroujeni, Melissa Cameron, Blandine Hallé, Eden Lennox and Sultana Shamshi. It debuts at the Parcours Bijoux International Triennial in October 2020 at Galerie Assemblages in Paris, France, then travels to the Indian Ocean Craft Triennial in Perth, Australia, in 2021.