Fabricating Jewelry: From Alloys to Mechanisms & Engineered Micro-Structures by Ezra Satok-Wolman

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Published: 01.03.2017

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Understanding the fundamentals of small scale fabrication is critical when embarking on a career as a jewelry maker or metalsmith.
Whether you work in plastic, wood, or metal, knowing how to physically build something is the most efficient way to realize a concept or design.  Even the best ideas “disappear” when they can’t be materialized properly, in a timely fashion, and cost effectively.  While CAD and 3D printing have become industry standards, and very effective tools, they are still expensive processes with numerous limitations and restrictions.  Having the right set of skills and tools is of the utmost importance, and the ability to problem solve is one of the most important tools a maker can have.  It has been essential in my development over the years as a goldsmith, a jewelry artist and a fabricator. Whether working in precious metals or carbon fiber, being able construct my ideas has enabled me to be productive and successful within the walls of my own studio.

Ezra Satok-Wolman, born in Toronto Canada, studied jewelry, art and design in college before moving to Italy in 2004 to focus on technical goldsmithing and developing his artistic direction. After completing a two year program at Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School in Florence he went on to study with Giovanni Corvaja for three years in the Umbrian countryside. Satok- Wolman has since participated in numerous international exhibitions, competitions, conferences and symposiums, including Enjoia’t, The Friedrich Becker Prize, Milan Design Week, Beijing Design Week, Shanghai Design Week, Triple Parade and SOFA Chicago. In 2016 Satok-Wolman presented his first solo exhibition at Klimt02 Gallery in Barcelona, titled “Jewelry for Astronauts and Space Travelers.” Beyond his studio work, Satok-Wolman is an active voice in the field of contemporary jewelry, lecturing, writing and serving on the Board of Directors for the Society of North American Goldsmiths


KSU / The Department of Art, Visiting Artists 2016/2017
Ezra Satok-Wolman.
Artist Lecture and Workshop
Friday, March 3rd
Lecture 9:30 am · Workshop 1-4 pm

Workshop Pt.1 - An Introduction to Alloys, Alloying and their Applications in Jewelry Fabrication.
Tutorial on recipes, handling and working characteristics of Gold, Palladium, and Platinum alloys
Workshop Pt.2 - Fabricating Mechanisms.
Tutorial on fabricating 3 mechanical components
Ezra Satok-Wolman. Bracelet: T-370 Palladium, 2014-2018. 950 Palladium, 750 Gold, stainless steel springs.. 13.9 x 13.9 x 3.7 cm. Cast components, custom designed springs, drilled, assembled, riveted
. USPTO 517235610 Patent Pending. Ezra Satok-Wolman
Bracelet: T-370 Palladium, 2014-2018
950 Palladium, 750 Gold, stainless steel springs.
13.9 x 13.9 x 3.7 cm
Cast components, custom designed springs, drilled, assembled, riveted
USPTO 517235610 Patent Pending

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