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Niklas Link
Saarbrücken, Germany

9 new works: Hollow bodies made from steel and lacquer always develop from sketches which are based on selfies or selfportraits.

Röseler, Ute

Ute Röseler
Düsseldorf, Germany

New Member of Klimt02.

In her recent work, she is using the traditional technique of Damascene whith makes possible to permanently connect two dissimilar metals, when soldering, riveting or welding are not feasible.

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Testa Gallery
Sofia, Bulgaria

Last days to visit My Style. A Testa Gallery Project
Galeria Reverso

Galeria Reverso
Lisbon, Portugal

Last days to visit Idem. Mùltiplos de Autor
and La Rhétorique du Lobe
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Flutterings by Noa Nadir & Memory in a shell by Yasmin Vinograd & Leora Cheshin
23Dec2016 - 20Jan2017
Froots & Nogart
Shanghai, China

Israeli jewelry artist Noa Nadir tries to combine between an object and a jewel. Israeli Jewelry artist Yasmin Vinograd and photographer Leora Cheshin were surprised to discover how similar they are in terms of their vision and sources of inspiration.

Odd Bird by Tom Hill

Odd Bird by Tom Hill
13Jan2017 - 12Feb2017
Velvet da Vinci
San Francisco, United States

The Birds created by Tom Hill are inspired from sweet potatoe shapes, adorned with bird parts.

20:20 Visions. Celebrating twenty years of the Association for Contemporary Jewellery

20:20 Visions. Celebrating twenty years of the Association for Contemporary Jewellery
14Jan2017 - 12Mar2017
NCCD Roof Gallery
Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Twenty of our most prominent and innovative members have been invited to show work from 1997 alongside a new piece.

Contemplastic II

Contemplastic II
17Jan2017 - 26Jan2017
Gallery Dam
Seoul, Korea, Republic of

By curating this exhibition, we hope to share the experience we had while navigating the above conflicts and concerns. Our intention is to facilitate greater intimacy between ourselves and our audience.

Apply for Munich Jewellery Week 2017
Open call

Apply for Munich Jewellery Week 2017
12Dec2016 - 29Jan2017
Current Obsession
Eindhoven, Netherlands
DEADLINE: 29/01/2017

Application period is open for the Munich Jewellery Week 2017.
An independent initiative that supports, communicates and promotes citywide jewellery exhibitions taking place during the week of the annual Handwerk & Design expo, and its historic jewellery exhibitions: Meister der Moderne, Schmuck and Talente.

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