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Athens Jewelry Week 2016

Meeting  /  29 Jun 2016  -  03 Jul 2016
Published: 10.06.2016

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Athens Jewelry Week is an institution that makes its debut this year in Athens. A festival of eleven exhibitions and numerous parallel events  will mark their own route in the city center of Athens, inviting people to wander around and discover the latest trends in contemporary jewelry. This year’s Athens Jewelry Week will incorporate more than forty Greek artists working in Greece and abroad, as well as collectives, jewelry schools and galleries. All together - and each one of them through their work - will attempt to reveal to the audience the intersecting points and ways between art and contemporary jewelry.

Artist list

Efharis Alepedis, Corinna Coutouzi, Xenia Deimezi, Evangelia Dimitriou, Aggelika Diplari, Katerina Glyka, Dora Haralambaki, Victoria Ioannidou, Anastasia Kandaraki,  Iro Kaskani, Angelika Komis, Angelos Konstantakatos, Erato Kouloubi, Ioli Livada, Marina Zachou, Elisavet Messi, Revekka Moustaki Zei, Despina Pantazopoulou, Liana Pattihis, Nicole Polentas, Antria Prasinou, Demi Thomloudis,  Vivi Touloumidi, Artemis Valsamaki, Yiota Vogli
The aim of ATHENS JEWELRY WEEK 2016 is to present to the wider public the specifics, diversity and artistic dimension of Contemporary Jewelry in Greece.

In particular, it aims to:

- Inform and educate the public on issues related to Contemporary Jewelry as an art form and a means of creative expression
- Support individual artists and creative groups that are active in this particular field and
- To bring together all interested and collaborative parts/members (artists, galleries, collectors, museums and other institutions promoting the arts and culture etc.) through communication and networking.

ATHENS JEWELRY WEEK is organised by Anticlastics.
The Anticlastics group was formed by Anastasia Kandaraki, Erato Kouloubi, Ioanna Natsikou and Niki Stylianou . All four are active in the Contemporary Jewelry scene and follow parallel paths. Their work covers a wide range of areas in the field of creative expression : from research and design to making and teaching.
The Anticlastics group is a non-profit entity aiming, through collective action, to promote Contemporary Greek Jewelry, both in Greece and abroad, enhancing awareness and exchange of views.

Anastasia KandarakiErato Kouloubi, Ioanna Natsikou, Niki Stylianou

Greek artists working in Greece and abroad:
Aggelika Diplari, Anastasia Kandaraki, Antria Prasinou, Angelika Komis, Angelos Konstantakatos, Artemis Valsamaki, Corinna Coutouzi, Demitra Thomloudis, Despina Pantazopoulou, Dora Haralambaki, Efharis Alepedis, Elisavet Messi, Erato Kouloubi, Evangelia Dimitriou, Ioli Livada, Iro Kaskani, Katerina Glyka, Liana Pattihis, Marina Zachou, Nicole Polentas, Revekka Moustaki Zei, Victoria Ioannidou, Vivi Touloumidi, Xenia Deimezi, Giota Vogli.

Groups of artists:
- Cluster collective: Anastasia Agglopoulou, Hara Kourtali, Yakinthi Oikonomou
- JAW (Jewellery Art Workers- Maria Apostolopoulou, Achilleas Georgiadis, Stella Deligianni, Artemis Zafrana, Iosif Iosifidis, Nikos Karakostas,, Apostolos Klitsiotis, Vally Kontidis, Mary Margoni, Sarina Beza, Sofia Papalexiou, Maria Psarianou, D’Olium (Sofia Bahlava-Vassilis Stamoulis) and the video artist Theofanis Konstantinou)
- Maria Tsimpiskaki, Niki Stylianou
- RagTag Collective (Chrisoula Papahatzi,Giorgos Giannoutsos, Ismini Pachi, Kalliope Theodoropoulou, Vasia Pachi, Yannis Tsalapatis )
- Ioanna Natsikou

Jewelry Schools:
- Anamma studio
- Chalkis art school
- Mokume - Silversmithing and Jewelry Design School, Greece

- Eleni Marneri gallery
- Popeye Loves Olive art space 

The 11 exhibitions will be hosted in corresponding spaces in the city center of Athens.

Jorge Manilla - Jewelry and Art Designer
Vassilis H. - Visual Artist, Sculptor
Zina Kaloudi - Historian of Art, Curator, National Gallery-Alexandros Soutzos Museum
Anastasia Kandaraki - Jewelry Maker, Instructor
Erato Kouloubi - Jewelry Designer, Popeye loves Olive Art Space
Ioanna Natsikou - Jewelry Artist
Niki Stylianou - Jewelry Maker, Architect


Wednesday 29.6
Art + Jewelry: Intersecting Spaces
(Group Exhibition)
29.6 - 3.7
Opening: 19.00h
Opening Hours: 12.00h - 21.00h
Melanithros (Art Space) / 4 Zappa str., 11635, Kallimarmaro

Thursday 30.6
Mokume (Student Exhibition)
30.6 - 3.7, opening hours: Thu. 18.30h - 21.30h, Fri. 12.00h - 18.00h
Opening: 18.30h - 21.30h
Sat. - Sun. 11.00h - 6.00h
Mokume Jewelry School / 11 Ag. Dimitriou str., 10554, Psiri

Everything flows?, J.A.W - Jewellery Art Workers (Group Exhibition)
30.6 - 4.7,
Opening: 19.00h
Opening hours: Fri.: 11.00h - 21.00h, Sat. - Mon.: 11.00 h- 16.00h
Ena Art Gallery / 9Γ Valaoritou str., 10671, Kolonaki
Antilogos (Group Exhibition)
30.6 - 30.7,
Opening: 20.00h - 22.30h
Opening Hours:   Tues. - Thurs. - Fri: 11.00h - 20.00h
Wed. - Sat.: 11.00h - 16.00h
Eleni Marneri Gallerie, 5-7 Lempessi & Porinou st, 11742, Acropolis

Pump Up The Volume, Anamma Studio (Student Exhibition)
30.6 - 3.7
Opening: 21.00h
Opening Hours: 11.00h - 21.00h
Underflow (Record Store & Art Gallery) / 39 Kallirois Av, 11743, Syngrou Fix

Friday 01.7
Shrinking Plastic, Workshop - Artemis Valsamaki
Duration: 12.00h - 14.00h
Melanithros (Art space) / 4 Zappa str., 11635, Kallimarmaro
Cluster Collective - Hidden Wor(l)ds (Group Exhibition)
01.7 - 4.7
Opening: 18.00h
Opening hours: 18.00h - 22.00h
Ismos Art Space / 17 Efpatridon & Triptolemou str, 11854, Gazi
Niki Stylianou & Maria Tsimpiskaki
30.6 - 3.7
Opening: 19.00h
Opening hours: 10.00h -  21.00h
Tricks & Treats / 15 Ag Irinis str., 10551, Monastiraki
The After Joya Effect 3 (Group Exhibition)
29.6 - 23.7
Opening:  20.00h
Opening Hours: Tues. - Sat. 12.00h - 20.00h
Popeye Loves Olive - Art Space / 5 Libona str., 10560, Ag.Irinis Square
Saturday 02.7
Lectures: Melanithros (Art Space) / 4 Zappa str., 11635, Kallimarmaro
12.00h - 13.00h Martina Dempf (Jewelry designer & social anthropologist), “Off the Beaten Track- Art Jewelry in Central Europe”
13.00h - 14.00h Paulo Ribeiro (Director of Joya Barcelona), “Jewelry & Icons”
14.00h - 14.30h Dan Piersinaru (Founder & Director of AUTOR), "The Newborn: Recent Jewelry Platforms"
14.30h - 15.30h Jorge Manilla (Jewelry & Art Designer),  “It is not the same, but we will meet”
Before my very eyes - Ioanna Natsikou (Solo Exhibition)
30.6 - 28.7
Opening: 19.00h
Opening Hours: Tues. - Thur. & Sat: 12.00 - 20.00, Fri: 12.00h - 22.00h, Sun: 11.00h - 19.00h
Benaki Museum Shop, 138 Pireos, 11854, Athens

Chalkis - Memory Imprints, Chalkis Art School (Student Exhibition)
30.6 - 3.7
Opening: 20.00h
Opening Hours: Thurs. - Sat. 10.00h - 13.00 & 17.00h - 20.00 h Sun. 10.00h - 14.00h
Yiali Shop / 5-7 Makrigianni str, 11742, Acropolis
Misery loves jewelry, Ragtag Collective (Group Exhibition)
30.6 - 3.7
Opening: 21.00h
Opening Hours: Thurs. - Sat. 12.00h - 21.00h, Sun. 16.00h - 21.00h
Matalou at home / 5 Ipitou str, 10557, Athens

22.30 Cocktail Party
Skyfall Cocktails & Food Bar
Markou Mousourou 1, 11636, Athens

Sunday 03.7
Lectures: Melanithros (Art Space) / 4 Zappa str., 11635, Kallimarmaro
17.00 - 17.30h Juan Riusech (Founder of Alliages Organization & Gallery), Alliages project.
17.30 - 18.30h Dr. Nicole Polentas (Jewelry Artist), Framing Place: An unfolding of time and experience through the jewelry object.
18.30 - 19.30h Demitra Thomloudis (Jewelry Artist & Assistant Professor), Site: Influence within contemporary Jewelry.
19.30 - 20.30h Akis Goumas (Jewelry Maker - Researcher), Searching for the prehistoric craftsman.

To see further informations about the venues, click the link to the Map.