Klimt02 opens the doors of Art Jewelry and Contemporary Crafts to you. Explore our world and get inspired!


We are a dotcom company working in the field of Art Jewelry and Contemporary Crafts. The company was launched in 2004 and is membership based. Our objective is to communicate the current activity and insights of Contemporary Jewelry worldwide. We select, organize, edit, generate and publish information that keeps recorded in our database and accessible for members & non-members from any device with an internet connection. We give value to creation in this field. We have shaped and communicated the scenario to this value and now we are building a market for it. Our target is international art lovers. Our selection criteria, reporting about the current creation of a network of the professionals is our reference criteria.

Consolidate the platform Klimt02 in order to promote for the international community what happens in Contemporary Jewelry & Crafts, providing the resources to create a market for companies to find designers, collectors to purchase works, museums to enlarge the collections, students, teachers, experts, and artists to access relevant information.



By becoming familiar with Klimt02 you will gain knowledge and further ability to assess and recognize creativity. Klimt02 specifically presents the creations that exist within the world of art jewelry and contemporary crafts . This is our main service and at the same time our reason for being involved in the development of this area.

Our project is like a circle that converts knowledge into emotion. Promoting the acquisition of this kind of work is our way of following that circle. This generates a feedback state where the artist and his or her creation, knowledge and emotions have the possibility of being expressed and used. Therefore creativity and art are profitable, in both a spiritual and economical manner. Trough this careful and considerate selection, Klimt02 attempts to explain this interdisciplinary synthesis.



From information to knowledge
Our initial intention with Klimt02 was to create a space where we could show the work of contemporary artists, what it generates and anything associated with this subject. Having the knowledge to inform and be informed to know. We wanted to set up a place where information could be attained, seen, contributed, consulted or swapped, so this became the starting point for this project. By working with global art jewelry and contemporary crafts experts, Klimt02 is able to offer a selection based on specific artistic principles: clear conceptual criteria, high standard technic skills, and wearability.

Creation is intrinsically transversal
We understand that jewelry & crafts are artistic disciplines, where the works of art contain concepts and messages, and that the value of the materials used is considered secondary. Jewelry and Crafts are artistic disciplines equal to any other yet at the same time reflect other art forms. Klimt02 treats them as art and representation, giving special emphasis to the idea that creativity is truly and undoubtedly transversal.

Global / Local
As well as keeping the world informed about what is happening in our country in relation to Art Jewelry and Contemporary Crafts, we are also showing and sharing international work: the dimension is global. Our selection of artists is well established within the international context of creativity. The project is developed from Barcelona and Catalonia’s perspective but extends to an international community.

Setting up networks
An international network of specialized co-operators, who will form a working team around Klimt02, is being created. By way of our forum, where information is dispersed and collected, we have set up a communication reference area to debate jewelry and crafts and establish knowledge networks.

Communication, accessibility and structured data
In order to achieve easy accessibility, we have chosen an online format. Through this platform, it is easy to send and share information, giving you not only a fast, current and up to date communication tool, but also the possibility to handle, store, dispose of or offer to others a range of information of the best quality.


> KLIMT02 has been present at INTERNATIONAL EVENTS:

2005 Workshop giving Ars Ornata, Lisbon, Portugal
2006 Attendant as a journalist at Koru2, Lappeenranta, Finland
2009 Jury at Design Podium competition, Munich, Germany
2009 Lecture at SNAG conference in Philadelphia, USA
2010 Attendant as journalist Amberif, Gdansk, Poland
2012 Jury at 21st Legnica International Jewellery Competition RITUALS, Legnica, Poland
2012 Lecture, Oslo HOTWEEK, Oslo, Norway
2012 Lecture at ECA, Symposium In-Form > Out-Form. Making it with digital media, Edinburgh, UK
2012 Attendant as journalist From the Coolest Corner - Nordic Jewellery, Oslo, Norway
2013 Lecture at Silber-Sommer-Galerie, Internationale Handwerksmesse, Munich, Germany
2014 New strategies for promotion of Contemporary Jewellery - a review of the Round Table discussions at JOYA, Barcelona, Spain
2014 Jury at Gioielli in Fermento, Piacenza, Italy
2015 Lecture at Central Saint Martins BA Jewellery Design, London, UK
2015 Jury, Gioielli in Fermento, Piacenza, Italy
2015 Jury at the L. A. Pai Gallery's 12th annual National Jewellery Student Competition, Ottawa, Canada
2016 Lecture at Triple Parade, Hyper Daily Symposium, Shanghai, China
2016 Jury at Gioielli in Fermento, Piacenza, Italy
2016 Round Table Gioiello Contemporaneo Dialoghi Italia – Giappone
organizzata, Padova, Italy.
2017 Jury at European Triennial by WCC-BF, Mons, Belgium.
2018 Curating. Klimt02 Presented by National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia. A Collection of Contemporary Jewellery from Spain and Catalonia.
2019 Jury at Enjoia't Awards, Barcelona, Spain.
2019 Jury at Gioielli in Fermento, Piacenza, Italy.

Organizers of the JPLUS Emerging Talent Award by Klimt02, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.


Klimt02 Founders and Managers:
Amador Bertomeu and Leo Caballero

Klimt02 S.L
VAT: B65107690
Riera de Sant Miquel 26
Barcelona 08006.