As a Member, you can COMMUNICATE your work to an audience of + 40K readers/month and have access to the FULL CONTENTS of our database, which comprises +73K items.

What are the advantages of being a Member of Klimt02?

We want to contribute to the current need to create spaces for making business and professional contacts. Promoting the acquisition of this kind of work generates a feedback state where creativity and art are profitable, both a spiritual and economic manner.

Immediate advantages

- Keep your profile updated at any time free of charge during the period of your membership (images, texts, etc.) just by emailing us the requested information.

- Sell your Artworks

- Publish all your events in the proper sections (exhibitions, lectures, workshops, publications...).
- Be promoted through our weekly newsletter, sent to + 10700 subscribers; every update on your page will be featured in the newsletter.
- Be easily located by anyone through our application Lokator (World Wide Klimt02 connections map) and on our web version adapted for mobile devices.

- Be promoted on Social Media through our platforms:  Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Wechat and Weibo.
- Get your friendly URL, a much simpler and easier way to share your page.
- Get a 15% discount on Advertising at Klimt02 and through our newsletters.

- Get discounts on services & products of our partners:

     - Arnoldsche Art Publishers (publications):
-20% off on any purchase. (get the discount code)
    - SNAG Metalsmith (organization + magazine):
-20% off on the purchase of the magazine or for joining them as a member (membership includes a magazine subscription), (get the discount code)
     - Enjoia't (award):
-25 % off on the application fee.
     - Contemporania (fair):
-10 % off on the application fee.
     - CCProof (copyright register):
-25% off on registering all your designs for 1 year. (get the discount code)

- Get Benefits of discounts when purchasing pieces at Hannah Gallery by Klimt02

Information advantages

- LOGIN with your ID and password and get access to the full contents of our database + 11,5K items have been recorded since 2004 + 10K is only available by members.

- Get an annual report with detailed information about the visits to your pages recorded at Klimt02.

- Sign up for a Corporate membership (by IP access) and enjoy an ideal and practical tool for libraries, schools, research centres, museums, foundations, etc.

- Get daily updates on everything happening internationally in art jewelry & contemporary crafts, along with specially selected, discussed and up-to-date information.

- Follow your favourite artists, galleries, institutions… and get an alert when their pages are updated.

Business advantages

- Be part of a high-standard selection.
- Promote your work to an international audience.
- Be easily reachable and gain greater online visibility, especially through search engines.
- Contribute to the current need to create spaces for making business and professional contacts.

Feedback advantages

- Benefit yourself from a common project.
- Be actively contributing to the development of this network.
- Contribute to making all this possible.


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