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  • Because you will have an international presence.
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  • Because our target is your target.

and our last year's consultation data are...

 + 425.000   Visits  

 + 195.000   Users
 + 1.350.000   Page views

Klimt02 have raised to + 9300 subscribers to our newsletter
and we sent  56 newsletters in 2021
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We are visited from 198 different countries 

The 20 top countries reaching us are:
United States, China, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Japan, Netherlands, France, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan, Israel, Sweden, Portugal, Russia, Greece, Hong Kong.

The 20 top cities reaching us are:
Beijing, London, Shanghai, Seoul, New York, Hangzhou, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Melbourne, Shenzhen, Munich, Amsterdam, Paris, Sydney, Guangzhou, Milan, Vienna, Madrid, Budapest, Los Angeles.

Below we want to present you, especially the traffic data we collected from our audiences in China. A country to which we have paid special attention in our field of work. We believe in her special contribution to the world of arts and crafts.
In 2021, China is the country with the second most visitors to the Klimt02 website. In the whole year, 58000+ readers from China contributed 95600+ visits and 204000+ page views. Compare to the year 2020, we received 15000+ more readers from China browsing the website and we reached 42000+ new readers. Most Chinese readers come from Zhejiang, Beijing, and Guangdong, which shares almost 40% of page views last year. 

It is worth mentioning, in 2021 we kept posting content regularly on our recently launched WeChat official platform @KLIMT02 for Chinese readers. Until the end of 2021, 6200+ followers subscribed to us and the number is raising instantly. 

Klimt02 Social Media
+ 1300 To tal likes
+ 2.2 M  Monthly visits



A / Advertising on our website and mobile devices.

Presence of your company logotype or trademark in Klimt02

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B /  Advertising in our Newsletter

Every week we send a newsletter (+9100 subscribers)
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C /  Special Newsletter

A newsletter specially designed only with your contents and brand information sent to our + 9100 subscribers worldwide.

D / Instagram Post

Image Format: 1200 x 1200 pix, text, hashtags and @ provided by you, at klimt02net IG account with + 6000 followers.



 Skyscraper banner advertising:

a) web

b) mobile

 Newsletter banner advertising sample:

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_ professional sector: jewellers, designers, galleries, companies, fairs, associations of jewellers.
_ educational sector: professors, students, schools, workshops, foundations.
_ mass media sector: magazines and publications of jewellery, fashion, and art.
_ cultural sector: museums, art historians, art critics, public and private institutions.

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Jewellery brands:
Adler Joailliers, Switzerland.
Lapponia Jewely, Helsinki, Finland.
Hilde Leiss gallery, Germany.
Samshin Diamonds, Korea.
Swarovski AG, Wattens, Austria.
Alternatives Gallery, Rome, Italy.
Platinum Guild International China, Shanghai, China.
Japan Jewellery Designers Association, Tokyo, Japan.
Kimberlite Diamond Group, Shanghai, China.

Jewellery Fairs:
Sieraad, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Athens Jewellery Week, Athens, Greece.
Inhorgenta Europe, Munich, Germany.
Artifact, the international contemporary crafts, Brussels, Belgium.
EUNIQUE: Karlsruher Messe- und Kongress-GmbH (KMK), Karlsruhe, Germany.
JOYA Barcelona, Le Département, Barcelona, Spain.
Handwerk & Design, Munich, Germany.
Romanian Jewelry Week, Bucharest, Romania.
Autor Fair.

Jewellery Schools:
Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm, Sweden.
Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hill, USA.
British Academy of Jewellery, London, UK.
HDK. Academy of Design and Crafts, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Trier University of Applied Sciences, Idar Oberstein, Germany.
Akademie für Gestaltung Bildungszentrum München, Munich, Germany.
Jewellery department of The Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, UK.
Oslo National Academy of Arts, Oslo, Norway.
Oakham School, Rutland, UK.
Department of Fine Arts Faculty of Art & Design Monash University, Victoria, Australia.
Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School, Florence, italy.
Le Arti Orafe, Florence, Italy.
Monash University, Department of Fine Arts | Faculty of Art & Design, Caulfield East, Australia.
Universiteit Stellenbosch University, Stellenbosch, South Africa.
Assamblage. The National Contemporary Jewelry Association, Bucharest, Romania.
Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Beijing, China.

Jewellery Organizations:
UAB Amber Trip, Vilnius, Lithuania.
Goldschmitte Eierbrecht, Zurich, Switzerland.
Art Jewelry Forum, Mill Valley, United States.
AFAD, Barcelona, Spain.
Gold Museum New Taipei City, Taiwan.
Hilde Leiss, Hamburg, Germany.
Solidor Art Space. Mairie de Cagnes-sur-Mer, France.
Bundesverband der Edelstein und Diamantindustrie, Idar-Oberstein, Germany.
Design Vlaanderen, Brussels, Belgium.
Nationalmuseum Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden.
SYN APEIRO, Athens, Greece.
Wirtschaft und Stadtmarketing, Pforzheim, Germany.
Radiant Pavilion, melbourne, Australia.
Staatliches Museum für Archäologie, Chemnitz, germany

Media Brands:
FLORA & PARTNER, Büro für Kommunikation und Gestaltung Studio di design e comunicazione, Italy.
MEC GmbH Derendorfer, Duesseldorf, Germany.
Look Advertising, Taipei, Taiwan.
media + more Media Consulting und Media Service GmbH, Munich, Germany.
Prodes Italia Srl, Milan, Italy.

Jewellery Books editors:
Arnoldshe Art Publisher, Germany.
Lark Books, USA.
Current Obsession Magazine, Netherlands.


If you are interested in more than one advertising type,
please contact us and explain your needs: we will send you an offer.