PURCHASING ARTWORKS. Customers Terms & Conditions

Klimt02's service consists in putting together retailers and customers.

To purchase artworks at Klimt02 you will have to register here

or when clicking on the Contact to Buy form on the artwork you are interested to buy.

1. Klimt02 will be checking out the purchasing process in any case together with the Retailer (Galleries, Organizations and Artists).
2. The Retailer will provide the Buyer with shipping and taxes costs if applicable.
3. The Retailer will handle the request within the following 72 hours.
4. If the Customer does not receive a reply from the Retailer within 72 hours we do recommend you contact Klimt02 directly and we will manage to contact them.
5. Klimt02 is not responsible for the management by the Retailer and the Customer in regard to delivery, artwork conditions, and/or any other related issue.
6. The Retailer will provide the customer with an Authenticity Certificate signed by the artist and the Retailer.
7. The Retailer must have a clear Purchase Conditions Policy available for customers on request.
8. The Retailer compromises to deliver to the customer a sold and paid piece in a period of no longer than 2 weeks.

This new klimt02 service is a commitment to expanding and professionalizing the contemporary jewelry market.

Klimt02 thinks that professionalizing the market means defining the role of each of the actors that are part of it.

Klimt02 understands that sales should be through galleries and organizations professionally dedicated to this topic. However, we will accept the sale directly from artists who are not represented by any of these professional entities or have an agreement in this regard with the galleries they work with.

Klimt02 service consists in putting together retailers and customers.

All pieces on sale are selected under the criteria of Klimt02.