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Platina   [2009]

Published: 04.12.2009

Member of Klimt02
Update of the Gallery program of exhibitions for the 2009.


Since the start of Platina in 1999 we have run a missionary for the kind of jewellery that we think matter, annoy and tickle – wearable pieces where aesthetic can be as important as laughter.

At Platina you will find no ordinary manufactured jewellery. Instead you’ll meet with protesting jewellery, storytelling, gossiping, chanting and crying jewellery. Enchanting jewellery, unfaithful jewellery and jewellery that laughs to loud and to long. Each and every one chosen for their personal quality.

Platina is a platform for contemporary jewellery art and design.
There is a gallery, studio and shop.

Sofia Björkman and Åsa Skogberg started Platina and opened for public 1999 in Stockholm.

Platina presents national and international jewelry artists and designers.

We also work outside gallery with exhibitions, education, seminairs and travelling for exchange ideas.

Artist list

Pia Aleborg, Tobias Andersson, Anna Atterling, Peter Bauhuis, Sofia Björkman, Jenny Edlund, Iris Eichenberg, Leonor Hipólito, Catarina Hällzon,  Karin Johansson, Auli Laitinen, Helena Lindholm, Kajsa Lindberg, Agnieszka Knap, Åsa Lockner, Petra Schou, Ruudt Peters, Karen Pontoppidan, Aud Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding, Åsa Skogberg, Monika Strasser, Ulrika Swärd, Sam Tho Duong, Els Vansteelandt, Sissi Westerberg, Andrea Wagner, Luzia Vogt, Annika Åkerfelt.



26-Mar-2009 - 02-May-2009 Karin Johansson: Goodbye blue sky "I wanted to do an exhibition where the viewer has to face a large collection of objects that at first glance may seem very similar, with the closer look to discover all the brooches are individual."
11.Feb.2009 - 01.Mar.2009 NANO STOCKHOLM 
03-Feb-2009 - 21-Mar-2009 Building Jewellery Jewellery Building The exhibition shows architecture inspired jewellery of Sara Borgegård (Sweden), Erik Kuiper (Holland) and Martin Papcun (Czech Republic). 
01.Oct.2009 - 30.Oct.2009 Putte Helene Dal: Tension On Putte Helene Dal words: my starting point is a word, a concept, an act or situation which I comment in my jewellery. 
14.May.2009 - 13.Jun.2009 There is no place like home Contemporary jewellery tells who we are or who we want to be. In the exhibition”There is no place like home" you will find advanced technical solutions, odd materials, beauty and historical references. At his exhibition you are given the chance to see works by 20 of the most internationally known jewellery artists from Sweden. 
05-Dec-2009 - 16-Jan-2010 For Long And Faithful Duty - 10 Years Of Beauty (...) In December 1999 PLATINA opened up in Stockholm. During the years we have made almost 100 exhibitions and been working with a large number of artists. Some doesn't work any longer but the most are making more and even better. Now 10 years later PLATINA has invited some of them again. (...)


Open mon-fri 11am-6pm, sat 11am-3pm
Platina    [2009] .  © By the author. Read Copyright   .

© By the author. Read Copyright.