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Galerie Ra   [2011]

Published: 30.05.2012
Galerie Ra    [2011] .  © By the author. Read Copyright   .
Paul Derrez

Member of Klimt02.
11th - 14th of May Galerie Ra will be represented at Collect 2012, visit them at stand nr 5.2.


Galerie Ra specialises in contemporary jewellery design and vessels but also regularly features objects.

These are showcased in changing exhibitions held every two months, in the permanent collection and at annual trade fairs like Object Rotterdam, Frame (Munich) and Collect (London). All these events are announced and reviewed in the Ra Newsletter published every two months.

Galerie Ra represents some 50 international artists and designers. Innovation, proven talent and continuity form the basis of the gallery’s selection process.

Typical of Ra is the broad range of work it brings, regarding approach, design and use of materials. Shown work is usually unique but can also be produced in limited edition or serial form. Icons from the past remain available as Classics or Vintage.

Owner Paul Derrez opened Galerie Ra in 1976 and since then he has been the driving force in developing the gallery into a leading establishment for jewellery design. He places great emphasis on research and study, which has led to on-going special projects, themed exhibitions and publications. Derrez also teaches, lectures and serves on diverse committees.

Galerie Ra regularly publishes its own books like Masquerade (2001), Spoons (2002) and Radiant (2006). The gallery has over one hundred book titles in stock and these may be ordered via its website. Each autumn Ra also has a specialised book stand at the Jewellery trade fair in Amsterdam.

In September 2010 Galerie Ra relocated to the old heart of Amsterdam. The new premises at Nes 120, with its traditional exterior and monumental doors, is a listed building dating from 1907. The intimate space houses the changing exhibitions, permanent collection and book department. The gallery is only a ten-minute walk from Central Station and close to Rokin with all its major tram stops.

Artist list

Gijs Bakker, Ela Bauer, Peter Bauhuis, Boris de Beijer, Melanie Bilenker, Sylvia Blickman, Julie Blyfield, Michael Brennand-Wood, Sigurd Bronger, Chien-Wei Chang, Maike Dahl, Johanna Dahm, Laura Deakin, Paul Derrez, Georg Dobler, Sam-Tho Duong, Sarah Enoch, Warwick Freeman, Karl Fritsch, Christine Graf, Gésine Hackenberg, Herman Hermsen, Karin Herwegh, Therese Hilbert, Mirjam Hiller, Joe Hogan,   Peter Hoogeboom, Stephanie Jendis, Marian Hosking, Vered Kaminski, Susanne Klemm, Esther Knobel, Manon van Kouswijk, Inga Krause, Daniel Kruger, Nel Linssen, Floor Max, Floor Mommersteeg, Pavel Opocensky, Noon Passama, Annelies Planteydt, Marjorie Schick, Constanze Schreiber, Verena Sieber-Fuchs, Bettina Speckner, Catharine Truman, Iris Tsante, Luzia Vogt, Lisa Walker, Silvia Weidenbach, Lam de Wolf.



05-Feb-2011 - 23-Mar-2011 Iris Tsante: Jewellery  
05-Feb-2011 - 23-Mar-2011 Svetlana Milosevic: Vessels 
10-Feb-2011 - 13-Feb-2011 Galerie Ra at Object Rotterdam 
09-Apr-2011 - 11-May-2011 Sylvia Blickman: Jewellery 
09-Apr-2011 - 11-May-2011 Paul Derrez: Vessels
14-May-2011 - 07-Jul-2011 Silvia Weidenbach: Jewellery
14-May-2011 - 07-Jul-2011 Daniel Kruger: Jewellery
06-May-2011 - 09-May-2011 Galerie Ra at Collect
09-Jul-2011 - 31-Aug-2011 Laura Deakin: Jewellery 
09-Jul-2011 - 31-Aug-2011 Marian Hosking: Vessels
03-Sep-2011 - 12-Oct-2011 Peter Hoogeboom: Sieraarden 
15-Oct-2011 - 26-Nov-2011 Karl Fritsch: Rings and Dishes 
15-Oct-2011 - 26-Nov-2011 Lisa Walker: New Work 
03-Dec-2011 - 28-Jan-2012 Ra Present, 35 years Ra Gallery

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Galerie Ra    [2011] .  © By the author. Read Copyright   .

© By the author. Read Copyright.
Galerie Ra    [2011] .  © By the author. Read Copyright   .
View of the new Galerie Ra space

© By the author. Read Copyright.
Galerie Ra    [2011] .  © By the author. Read Copyright   .
View of the new Galerie Ra space

© By the author. Read Copyright.