Here we would like to provide you with some relevant data about the contents of our site, the number and type of visits we receive and about our members. This data presents a clearer overview of the yearly progressions of the Klimt02 network and its members.

At Klimt02 we are keen on taking a firm stand on quality for our readers as we know that this is an important part of our work. For this reason, we want to ensure that we are talking about an audience whose interests we know and with whom we have established a reciprocal net of interests and objectives.

We work to empower your network.

We also want to comment that in 2022 we published a new section and implemented a new service.
The new section is Jewels and the new service is Jewels On Sale.

This klimt02 service is a commitment to expanding and professionalizing the contemporary jewelry & crafts market. Klimt02 thinks that professionalizing the market means defining the role of each of the actors that are part of it. Klimt02 understands that sales should be through galleries and organizations professionally dedicated to this topic. However, we will accept the sale directly from artists who are not represented by any of these professional entities or have an agreement in this regard with the galleries they work with. Klimt02 service consists in putting together retailers and customers. All pieces on sale are selected under the criteria of Klimt02.

  Klimt02 Contents    

2022 Published Contents:     

3295   Jewels (new)
  890   Items (new and updated)

Items Including:

 408     Events (Exhibitions, Awards, Fairs & Meetings, Lectures, Open Calls)
 171     Jewellers
   29     Galleries    
   82     Institutions (Organizations, Museums, Schools)
 107     Forum (Articles 69, Interviews 38)
   27     Publications 
     7     Videos 
    11    Series - Selections
    48    Courses 

Total Available Public Contents:     

+ 62000   Jewels 
+ 11500    Items

Items including:

8024     Events
  446     Jewellers
    38     Galleries
    85     Institutions
1230     Forum
  673     Publications
  257     Videos
    73     Series
    83     Courses

    Klimt02 Consultation   

 + 415.000     Visits  
 + 185.000     Users
 + 1.250.000  Page views

We want to highlight:
Longest Average Session Duration of the Visitors, Less Bounce Rating, and More New Visitors.

Klimt02 have raised to + 9500 subscribers to our newsletter
and we sent 61 newsletters in 2022
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We are visited from 199 different countries 

The 20 top countries reaching us are:
United States, China, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, France, Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, Japan, South Korea, Israel, Sweden, Taiwan, Portugal, Russia, Greece.

The 20 top cities reaching us are:
Beijing, London, Shanghai, Seoul, New York, Hangzhou, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Melbourne, Shenzhen, Munich, Amsterdam, Madrid, Paris, Sydney, Guangzhou, Milan, Vienna, Madrid, Budapest.

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  Klimt02 Members

We are glad in 2022, 96 new members joined klimt02 and regarding our last year data, + 80 % of our members renewed their Klimt02 membership trusting in us as the best platform for communicating and networking their work.

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The above information confirms that Klimt02 is welcomed for its quality and at the same time that there is a need for a project and a product of this kind.

Our main goal is quality. We know that quality provides quantity, as this data reflects and demonstrates that the search for and the exchange of information and knowledge is well-founded.

Klimt02 data progression confirms us we do good work to develop the market and empower your network.