Here we would like to provide you with some relevant data about the contents of our site, the number and type of visits we receive and about our members. This data presents a clearer overview of the yearly progressions of the Klimt02 network and its members.

At Klimt02 we are keen on taking a firm stand on quality for our readers as we know that this is an important part of our work. For this reason, we want to ensure that we are talking about an audience whose interests we know and with whom we have established a reciprocal net of interests and objectives.

We work to empower your network.

Klimt02 Contents    

2021 Published Contents:     

1067     Items (new and updated)
4870     Jewels (new)

Items Including:

478     Events (Exhibitions, Awards, Fairs & Meetings, Lectures, Open Calls)
32       Galleries    
65       Institutions (Organizations, Museums, Schools)
137     Forum (Articles (75), Interviews (62))
32       Publications 
41       Videos 
20       Series 
51       Courses 

2003 - 2021 Total Available Published Contents:     

+ 10700     Items
+ 50000    Jewels 

Items Including :

7669      Events
549        Jewellers
48          Galleries
90          Institutions
1131       Forum
704        Publications
320        Videos
65           Series
200        Courses

Klimt02 Consultation   

 + 425.000   Visits  
 + 195.000   Users
 + 1.350.000   Page views

We want to highlight:
Longest Average Session Duration of the Visitors, Less Bounce Rating, and More New Visitors.

Klimt02 have raised to + 9300 subscribers to our newsletter
and we sent  56 newsletters in 2021
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We are visited from 198 different countries 

The 20 top countries reaching us are:
United States, China, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Japan, Netherlands, France, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan, Israel, Sweden, Portugal, Russia, Greece, Hong Kong.

The 20 top cities reaching us are:
Beijing, London, Shanghai, Seoul, New York, Hangzhou, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Melbourne, Shenzhen, Munich, Amsterdam, Paris, Sydney, Guangzhou, Milan, Vienna, Madrid, Budapest, Los Angeles.

Below we want to present you, especially the traffic data we collected from our audiences in China. A country to which we have paid special attention in our field of work. We believe in her special contribution to the world of arts and crafts.
In 2021, China is the country with the second most visitors to the Klimt02 website. In the whole year, 58000+ readers from China contributed 95600+ visits and 204000+ page views. Compare to the year 2020, we received 15000+ more readers from China browsing the website and we reached 42000+ new readers. Most Chinese readers come from Zhejiang, Beijing, and Guangdong, which shares almost 40% of page views last year. 

It is worth mentioning, in 2021 we kept posting content regularly on our recently launched WeChat official platform @KLIMT02 for Chinese readers. Until the end of 2021, 6200+ followers subscribed to us and the number is raising instantly. 

Klimt02 Social Media

+ 1300 Total likes


+ 2.2 M  Monthly visits



Klimt02 Members

We are glad in 2021, 183 new members joined klimt02 and regarding our 2020 data, 80 % of our members renewed their Klimt02 membership trusting in us as the best platform for communicating and networking their work.

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The above information confirms that Klimt02 is welcomed for its quality and at the same time that there is a need for a project and a product of this kind.

Our main goal is quality. We know that quality provides quantity, as this data reflects and demonstrates that the search for and the exchange of information and knowledge is well-founded.

Klimt02 data progression confirms us we do good work to develop the market and empower your network.