Agate Necklace by Marion Delarue

Necklace  /  Organic   Abstract   OnBody
Published: 08.03.2017
Marion Delarue
Agate Necklace
2012 - 2013
Porcelain, Glass
26 x 22 x 1 cmAgate Jewels series
From series:
Agate Jewels series


By creating false agates, I can design geometrical shapes that cannot be found in nature, that can be worn directly without requiring any particular set or structure. The association of clay and glass seemed to me perfectly suited to my project since it allows me to recreate agates by imitating the natural process. Moreover, the clay brings to the piece the stability required to keep the pattern in place during the firing process and to keep the glass in place during its fusion, while the glass brings to the piece its shine and translucency. The ceramic and the glass thus blended also enable the feel and the weight of a natural agate. 
Marion Delarue lives and works in Paris, France. She joins the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg in 2006 and takes off for South Korea in 2010 where she studies ceramic, glass and Korean natural lacquer during an exchange student. She obtains her Contemporary jewelry Master in 2011 and then leaves in Estonia for a post-graduate year, studying ceramic, wood and leather craft in the Estonian Academy of Arts, at Tallinn. Fascinated my traditional Asian techniques, Marion participates in various artist-in-residencies and research projects in Korea, China, Japan and Taïwan. 
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