Indifference by Juanjo García Martín

Brooch  /  Narrative   Figurative
Published: 08.12.2019
Juanjo García Martín
Enamel, Copper, Wood, Organic, Steel, Silver, Gem
Juanjo Garcia Martin is a jeweler of Spanish art. He lives and works in Malaga. His artistic approach combines different disciplines that he has been practicing indiscriminately from an early age: painting, music and art jewelry.
A self-taught artist, who is not afraid of experimentation, especially in his search for materials, whose diversity is impressive. His latest collection of unique pieces, entitled Mares de Asfalto explores the theme of the urban environment: the city, of course, but also the worlds it houses, its buildings, streets, towers, inhabitants, all make endless layers of colors and parallels stories, crossed by the lines and volumes characteristic of urban architecture
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