Rewilding Bead by Kim Nogueira

Pendant  /  Narrative
Published: 09.10.2019
Kim Nogueira
Rewilding Bead
Silver, Copper, Gold, Enamel
From series:
East of Hercules
Photo by:
Kim Nogueira
Kim Nogueira resides on the sub-tropical island of St John, in the US Virgin Islands, where she first began working as a production goldsmith, learning the trade on the job 2 decades ago. Her BA in sociology from Smith College supports the multidimensional, thought-based, yet spiritually-inspired and intuitively-guided explorations that undergird her wearable narrative art practice and she continues to deepen her skill level with intensive workshops taught by renowned masters in the field. Her work has been shown in juried and curated exhibitions both abroad and nationally, such as MAD about LOOT at the Museum of Arts and Design, and published in magazines and books, including Narrative Jewelry: Tales from the Toolbox, 1000 Beads and Behind the Brooch.

Her layered narratives in glass and metal extend a helping hand, an invitation to see the world with curious eyes, the eyes of a child, inviting you to become a magician for a moment, an alchemist in reverie, a shaman dreaming the world.
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