I Don’t Like to Wear Jewellery - I Carry Them by Ted Noten

Object  /  Conceptual   OnBody
Published: 20.08.2019
Ted Noten
I Don’t Like to Wear Jewellery - I Carry Them
Leather, Found Object
Ted Noten is a Dutch jewellery designer that constantly explores the boundaries of his profession. Once a bricklayer and a psychiatric nurse, he graduated from the Amsterdam Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 1990 and started working on an oeuvre that has certainly influenced the contemporary jewellery field. Noten has participated in a number of exhibitions worldwide, and a broad spectrum of galleries and museum collections now represent his oeuvre. Sawing up a Mercedes Benz car into brooches, sealing a little dead mouse wearing a tiny pearl necklace inside a block of acrylate: his work is never far from controversy. Still, Noten honours the specific qualities of jewellery design in which emotions, humour and small stories play the leading part. In 2008, Ted Noten will be awarded with the Francoise van den Bosch prize.
Since 2005, Atelier Ted Noten takes on larger projects and has created work for private collectors, local councils, art institutions etc. This includes (interior) design projects, installations and jewellery assignments.
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