Fluidum by Magdalena Servaty

Object  /  GraduationWork   Abstract
Published: 03.08.2018
Magdalena Servaty
Photo by:
Judith Hennes


Fluidum – aura
fluid forms - stopped motion/move
act and impact
Magdalena​ Servaty, a skilled goldsmith and designer works with the characteristics of the material and highlights the value of the production process. Material and its transformation is the main fascination of her work. Lena Servaty’s experimental handling of the material while making has an important value for the development of the final forms of her products. The material is clay and metal; the outcome is expressive and unique in objects and jewellery.
Her fascination 
of material and its deformation determines her work.
While repeating the same action with the material Lena Servaty receives a diversity of new forms. The forms arise first seemingly by accident but are controlled by the gained knowledge later. Like in nature it is a serial repetition which generates unique pieces.
The result is an analogy in form, produced by the principles of power, deformation and layers.