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Published: 18.10.2018
Fine Art.
LAB University of Applied Sciences
Eija Mustonen
DEADLINE: 23/01/2019


You can apply for these programmes through a system of joint application during 9 - 23 January 2019 at The programmes start in August 2019. The degrees are accepted in all EU countries, and they are also valued outside Europe.

Degree programme in visual arts, total 240 credits
The degree programme is designed to provide students with the skills necessary for work as a visual artist. It is based on the management of different forms and tools of expression required in a visual artist's work. During advanced professional studies and elective studies, students can specialise in a field of visual arts according to their interests and skills.

In addition to teaching the necessary working methods and professional technology, the degree programme develops the students’ understanding of a visual artist's work as an entity. An entity including artistic work but also safety and health at work, marketing, taxation and matters related to artists' associations and copyright.
Specialisation: Jewellery Art
We use the working process and various experiments as tools to develop ideas, find proper materials and suitable techniques to express a personal view on jewellery. The rhythm of our semester consists of a mixture of Working as an artist-periods and weeks called Methods of Jewellery, when we concentrate on different kinds of techniques and methods.

The jewellery department at Saimaa UAS is small but vivid. At the moment lecturer Jenni Sokura is running the program. We find it important to have visiting artists and teachers during the semesters.
Selection of visiting guest teachers and lecturers:
Tarja Tuupanen (Finland), Mia Maljoki (Germany), Monika Brugger (France), Tanel Veenre (Estonia), Adam Grinovich (Sweden), Henri Sörensen (Finland), Shu-Lin Wu (Taiwan), Helena Lehtinen (Finland), Tiina Rajakallio (Finland)

Polytechnic Degree in Fine Arts and Design, visual artist, bachelor’s thesis:
• Basic and professional studies 195 cr. (of which elective studies account for 15 credits)
• Practical training/project work 30 cr.
• Bachelor's thesis 15 cr.
• Total 240 cr.

Linnala campus
Tietäjänkatu 3
FIN-55120 Imatra

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