Jewellery design and Manufacture

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Published: 14.10.2018
Durban University of Technology
Ahmed Bawa
DEADLINE: 30/09/2019


Jewellery design 

Students are trained in designing, manufacturing and marketing of jewellery - the basic principles for a successful career in the jewellery business. On completion of the course, graduates will have no difficulty in coping with the variety of manufacturing and designing functions, especially if they have obtained the B.Tech Degree after four years of training. A small jeweller's workshop has only a few staff members - they work closely together as a team. This needs all-round people with good social relationships with others, able to co-operate and work with total honesty in dealing with precious materials. These jewellers design individual pieces of jewellery, manufacture the pieces and sell them to their customers. They are also responsible for the management of their business.

Jewellery factories need people specialised in different fields - designing, manufacturing, model making, casting, setting, or marketing of the products. Some small jewellery shops sell jewellery on a retail basis; they employ people for selling and repairing jewellery, also for general managerial duties.

Application process: Prospective students are required to present a portfolio of specified art work and successfully complete a programme selection test and personal inter view convened and assessed by a programme panel.
Fees and costings: The fee rules apply to all students registered with the Durban University of Technology. More specific information on fees 

More information on entry requirements and international application  

_Personal Creative imagination, artistic, and practical skills or ability are needed. Patience, accuracy and attention to detail are important requirements. A good all-round educational background is an advantage.
_Academic: The Senior Certificate or an equivalent qualification is required. In addition, prospective Jewellery Design students are selected on the merits of a portfolio, the results of an interview as well as practical and profile tests.

Course breakdown and guide book with specific details of course mode, duration and creative content. 

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