Itami Craft Exhibition Jewellery 2003

Published: 23.11.2011
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This is the 6th International Craft Exhibition- Itami since 1998. The theme in odd-years has been "Jewelry" and in even years has been other themes, such as "Shuki and Shuhaidai (Sake glass, tray,stand or table)".

The Museum of Arts Crafts ITAMI has been organizing “the Craft Exhibition” since 1989, which gradually became popular and since the 9th exhibition held in 1998 it has been called “the Intl Craft Exhibition –ITAMI-.

The exhibition has been recognized and established both domestically andinternationally as an exhibition for public submission based in Itami.
We had 338 entrants including 71 from 15 different countries, and 660sets submitted.

There is a variety of creative works that makes the exhibition even more global.12 judges selected 21 sets ( 56 pieces) for awards and 60 sets (175 pieces) to be displayed at the exhibition, all of which excel in creativity and originality. We are deeply grateful to the entrants for this wonderful out come.

To focus attention on " The Town of Jewelry", we founded " ITAMI jewellery college "as part of the industrial promotion of Itami city two years ago in the Museum of Arts Crafts Itami.

Our purpose is to foster professional jewelry artists and to create and expand craft culture and industry. We would like to become a center of jewelry.
We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the participants and organizations for their sponsorship and cooperation. We hope there will be more encounters with artists and cooperators from various fields to realize successful exhibitions in the future.

The theme for 2004 Itami International Craft Exhibition "Shuki and Shuhaidai"(Sake glass, tray, stand or table)

Itami City - Itami Culture Foundation - Itami Craft Association.
images of selected works.
images of selected works

© By the author. Read Copyright.

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