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Eva van Kempen at Museum de Fundatie

Exhibition  /  08 Sep 2017  -  07 Jan 2017
Published: 11.09.2017
Eva van Kempen at Museum de Fundatie.
Museum de Fundatie
Blijmarkt 20
8011 -  Zwolle
0572 388188
Teo van den Brink

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Eva van Kempen is an art jeweller. By adding precious metals, fresh water pearls and gemstones to discarded hospital materials, such as intravenous lines, injection needles and blood tubes, she transforms cold and clinical objects into valuable pieces of jewellery. From 8 September 2017, Van Kempen’s recent series of jewellery will be presented on busts made by various sculptures taken from the De Fundatie collection.

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Eva Van Kempen
Museum De Fundatie asked Eva van Kempen to make jewellery to be presented on busts created by various sculptors whose work has been purchased down the years. The artist has managed with this exhibition to ‘inject’ some sparkle underpinned by a sense of wryness into the often paradoxical themes of illness, life and death.

Van Kempen created something of a stir in 2015 with her LifeLines jewellery line, made from safe recycled hospital waste. With this jewellery, she demonstrated the inherent exquisiteness and value of a range of medical equipment and implements. This came as a revelation to her when undergoing a series of intensive medical procedures in the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam. Once recovered, Van Kempen felt the desire to work with hospital materials. It provided a conduit for coming to terms with certain events and accepting her own mortality. At the same time, she presented an open invitation to reconsider these materials from an alternative viewpoint. 


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Eva Van Kempen. Choker: Angled Slices, 2017. Medical leads, silver, freshwater pearls. Photo by: Museum de Fundatie. Bronze bust, ‘Portrait of Maria Lani’ by Charles Despiau, 1929.. Eva Van Kempen
Choker: Angled Slices, 2017
Medical leads, silver, freshwater pearls
Photo by: Museum de Fundatie
Bronze bust, ‘Portrait of Maria Lani’ by Charles Despiau, 1929.
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