Porträt in Laden. Black Lacquer by Heri Gahbler

Exhibition  /  16 Oct 2020  -  21 Nov 2020
Published: 30.09.2020

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The flawlessness of lacquer work may seem unreal at first glance. Its high-gloss black surface demands a measure of awe and, at the same time, attracts the desire to experience smoothness and shine by touch. What an experience to give in to this wish! If you can imagine on the velvety and surprisingly warm surface the infinite the artist's patience and concentration and the time involved in the work.

Artist list

Heri Gahbler
After completing two years of training in Japan, Heri Gahbler began with traditional lacquer equipment such as bowls and trays. From this, he develops works that, like vessels, still have an inside and an outside, or as hollow bodies resemble sculptures. With the reduction to two dimensions, panels are created in which he combines lacquer with other materials, visually accentuating them. The designs of his lacquer jewelry are a special kind of sensual experience.

The bangles are Heri Gahbler's latest project. Here he conveys his long experience with lacquer to the jewelry sector. The core of the bangle, invisible hidden under numerous layers of lacquer, is built up with many layers of linen fabric. It is not until wearing the bangle, that you sense its surprising comfortable airiness. The decors of the works extend a variety from noble monochrome-black to sophisticated color combinations further to low-keyed structured surfaces. The interplay of the polished deep black lacquer surface with the delicate structured golden belt is impressively artful. Sensing the smooth warm and velvet lacquer on your skin is pure pleasure.

About the artist:
Heri Gahbler was born in 1957, having studied Japanology and History of Art at the University Bonn from 1984 - 1992. During 1987-88/92-93 he trained at the Fachschule für Lackkunst in Wajima, Japan.
Exhibitions in Germany, USA, Korea, China, Japan.
2002 Kenji Ekuan Award
2007 Staatspreis des Kunsthandwerks NRW
2009 Monika Kopplin Prize, Kanazawa
2017 Nobuyuki Tanaka Prize, Kanazawa

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday, 10 am - 6 pm.
Heri Gahbler. Bangle: Untitled, 2020. Core from linen fabric, black urushi-lacqier, fine gold.. diameter 7 cm x 2 cm height. Heri Gahbler
Bangle: Untitled, 2020
Core from linen fabric, black urushi-lacqier, fine gold.
diameter 7 cm x 2 cm height
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Heri Gahbler. Plate: Rinka, 2020. Lacquer. Heri Gahbler
Plate: Rinka, 2020
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Heri Gahbler. Bowl: Gefäss, 2016. Lacquer. Heri Gahbler
Bowl: Gefäss, 2016
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