Super Charged. Hopes and Protections on the Body

Exhibition  /  10 Mar 2022  -  13 Mar 2022
Published: 04.03.2022

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We cordially invite you to the exhibition “Super Charged—Hopes and Protections on the Body” by BA and MA students at Jewellery Art (HDK-Valand Academy of Art & Design).
The instinct to cover our bodies with strong magical things is one small reaction to the many uncontrollable events that impact everyday life. "Super Charged—Hopes and Protections on the Body" investigates the hopes, desires, and fears that prompt us to create amulets and talismans as adornments and objects today. In some pieces, wearers are instructed by the jewellery pieces to fulfill tasks to encourage magic. Which materials have been chosen to protect whom, from what, how, and what promises do we (makers and wearers) make? Many different directions have been taken, but collectively these artworks are "super charged".
Extended information about the exhibition can also be viewed online that launches on March 10, 2022:
Photographer: Hendrik Zeiter

10 March 2022, 5 – 8 p.m.

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