Golden Eyes: A Brief History of Decorative Understanding by Alex Estorick

Lectures  /  History   CriticalThinking  /  26 Feb 2020
Published: 20.01.2020

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For centuries, decorative arts have been considered separately from fine art, with museums continuing to display functional, 'applied' arts apart from those of primarily aesthetic consideration. Yet art's contemporary meaning has always depended on its decorative appearance. Proof of this lies in the almost uncanny similarity between the language employed in the 9th century to discuss Byzantine mosaics and that used to explain modernist paintings in the 20th.
This talk seeks to come to terms with the changing significance of the decorative over time as well as some remarkable consistencies in our understanding of images across history.

About Alex Estorick
After studying Art History at Cambridge, Alex Estorick trained as a tailor on Savile Row. He is now Head of History of Art at Stowe School, Buckinghamshire. He also writes and proofreads for Frieze Magazine with a particular interest in the boundaries between art, craft and mass media images.

Hours: 26th February Wednesday, 6:30 - 8:30 pm.
Attendance: £5

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