Jewellery: Anthropological Perspectives by Max Carocci

Lectures  /  CriticalThinking   History   Research  /  27 Feb 2019
Published: 22.01.2019

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What is the purpose of jewellery? How does jewellery function in culture? This lecture/presentation explores the reasons for making decorative artifacts. It explains how it operates in the world of symbolic communication showing how jewellery has a fundamental role to play in culture and society.
Anthropologist Max Carocci will discuss jewellery from an anthropological viewpoint through lavish images of jewellery and decoration form around the world.

British Museum-based anthropologists Max Carocci has been teaching anthropology, art, and material culture for more than 20 years in universities and institutions such as Birkbeck College, Goldsmiths College, University College London, The American University, Chelsea College of Art and City Lit. Simultaneously curator and academic, Max researches and works with contemporary artists on the multiple intersections of Art and Anthropology with a special emphasis on indigenous peoples' artistic practice.

About K2 Academy of Contemporary Jewellery
K2 is a new Jewellery School that offers a conceptual, free-thinking approach to jewellery design underpinned by rigorous technical training. In addition to our ongoing jewellery classes. K2 Jewellery Academy is dedicated to offer master classes and workshops by internationally renowned academics. This masterclass in our ongoing series will be lead by Manon van Kouswijk.

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When: Wednesday, 27th of February, 2019, 6 pm - 8 pm.
Price: £4
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