The Overview of Korean Contemporary Jewellery. A lecture by Yong-il Jeon

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Published: 14.10.2018

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Contemporary jewelry from South Korea has recently been enjoying increased visibility in global arenas.
 Yong-il Jeon, Professor at Kookmin University Seoul.

A large number of Korean jewelers have been recognized in international competitions, and young artists are being frequently invited by leading museums, galleries, and art fairs. The development of contemporary jewelry has begun in the mid-1980s. Korean craft, which encompasses the field of jewelry, boasts an extensive history tracing back more than 1,500 years. Nevertheless, the correlation between this tradition and contemporary jewelry is weak. Whereas external forces have had a dominant influence since the 1980s when contemporary jewelry came to appear and began to be taught in schools.  From the 1990s onward, jewelry education in Korea grew specialized, and jewelry emerged as an independent field. Unlike in the previous generation, which pursued both metalwork and jewelry, new artists concentrated on the sole professional production of jewelry. This gave rise to studio jewelers for the first time in Korea, and during last 15 years there was sharp increase of Korean young jewelers including most of 12 participants for the TRIPLE PARADE Biennale events this year.

The lecture will focus on the Triple Parade theme Past and Present.

When: 18th October at 20:50 h.
Where: Dark Room, College of Design and Innovation, TONGJI University Shanghai.
Mediator: Prof. Jie Sun (D&I. Tongji University Shanghai, National Distinguished Expert).

Yong-il Jeon. Vessel: Untitled, 2005. Sterliing silver.. Yong-il Jeon
Vessel: Untitled, 2005
Sterliing silver.
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