Jewellery Symposium Haxthäuser Hof 2020: Follow your Bliss

Meeting  /  CriticalThinking   Artists  /  21 May 2020  -  24 May 2020
Published: 12.03.2020
Jewellery Symposium Haxthäuser Hof 2020: Follow your Bliss.
Haxthäuser Hof
DEADLINE: 01/05/2020

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For the artist and designer, there is no other way than to follow one’s passion - since without passion you can’t make it anywhere. At the same time, there is also something like reality. Getting somewhere is one thing, staying there, building a career and making a living of it is another. During the symposium‚ follow your bliss, we will look openly into the wide scope of jewellery-, product- and object-making and discover the different positions, from the artistic expression through unique pieces as well as serial production.

Artist list

Robert Baines, Kim Buck, Simon Cottrell, Nedda El-Asmar, Mirjam Hiller, Lore Langendries, Marc Monzo, Eva Olde Monnikhof, Anneleen Swillen, Christel Trimborn, Nicole Walger, Julia Wild
Every domain has its specific tricks of the trade or unspoken rules to follow and we are eager to learn what they are and what they mean. Questions will be posed such as: Is it necessary to compromise to build a successful career in the arts/design? Or is the way to success the way of the heart? And what does being successful mean anyway? Does one have to work hard to make it or is it not work anymore if you really follow your bliss?

We are eager to hear the stories of our international speakers about conscious decisions, lucky coincidences, times of doubt and times of bliss.

Fee all days: €280 (Students: €180).
Fee single day: €95 (Students: €70).

Price includes lectures, refreshments, lunch and dinner.

Registration: via website before 01.05.2020.
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Concept and programme:
Claudia Hoppe, David Huycke
Ursula Woerner, Ulrike Ortwein, Nora Kovats, Theo Smeets, Herman Hermsen
Graphic and web design:
Victor Gorelik
Chef de Cuisine:
Christoph Esser