Open Call for the XVIII International Baltic Jewellery Show Amber Trip. Surveillance Jewellery

Open call  /  22 Oct 2020  -  01 May 2021
Published: 11.02.2021
Open Call for the XVIII International Baltic Jewellery Show Amber Trip. Surveillance Jewellery.
Amber & Jewellery Fair
Odilija Guntoriūtė
DEADLINE: 01/05/2021
Work by Ewa Nowak..
Work by Ewa Nowak.

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Call out for jewellery designers/artists to participate in the competition. Selected works will be exhibited at the International Baltic Jewellery Show 'Amber Trip' from 18 - 21st August 2021 in Vilnius, Lithuania. The theme of this year's edition: Surveillance Jewellery.
The 17th International Baltic Jewellery Show Amber Trip took place in 2020 March. It featured jewellery and business participants from 30 countries including the Baltic States, Poland, Turkey, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, USA, Japan, India, South Africa, and Mexico. The exhibition was visited by buyers, wholesalers, museologists, collectors, raw material suppliers, and customers.
The art competition, which takes place during this exhibition invites jewellers from all over the world to show their talent as jewellers and artists. Each year jewellers are presented with different topics. This year the topic is Surveillance Jewellery.

You might recognise this face jewellery (image above) - it went viral last year. Ewa Nowak the author of Incognito invites jewellers and artists to explore the topic of Surveillance Jewellery in the Amber Trip art jewellery contest. Surveillance cameras that indicate traffic, tracking of people who were exposed to Covid 19, facial recognition in airports, discussions about Huawei all over the internet - Surveillance is the topic that brings us to discussions from its benefits to a privacy breach. 
Winning works of this competition will be featured in the Baltic Jewellery News magazine. Grand Prix award winner will get a free space in the next edition of Amber Trip exhibition and an interview, which will be printed in the Baltic Jewellery News.