Engrave Your Dreams and Nightmares with Pierce Healy

Workshop  /  Technics  /  11 Apr 2019  -  14 Apr 2019
Published: 09.01.2019

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Ever since mankind crawled from the swamp to stand upright he/she has been marked making, scratching and scaring the earth crust or own skin whether marking territory, adorning, or storytelling.
Do you want to become part of this continuum, and become a link in this chain of curious storytelling mark makers? The aims of the course are not only to develop a basic understanding of the tools, techniques and materials used in hand engraving, but also to experiment and harness engraving creatively.

Once a basic grasp of the tools are digested you will unleash your tools on alternative materials: wax, wood, coconut, plastic, and anything else you desire to capture your stories.
Students are encouraged to bring materials and objects they would like to engrave and experiment with.

The course will focus on different topics:
  • Develop a sound basic understanding of the tools
  • Tool set up, sharpening, geometry, holding devices, image transfer
  • Engrave alternative materials, wax, wood, coconut, plastic etc.
  • Storytelling and Texturing through mark making

Who is it for?
Students, jewellers, artists and craft practitioners who are looking to explore new approaches to making, who want to get the chance to experiment, add new skills to their repertoire and broaden their creative and working practices.

Who will run the workshop?
Being Irish, Pierce Healy is a born storyteller. Known for his subversive jewellery and objects, often layered with intricate engravings, he refers to himself as a human Swiss army knife; not in an Edward Scissorshands way, but in the way he toils in an array of materials and disciplines in addition to the numerous skills he has acquired throughout his life so far. In between studio work, artist residences and teaching worldwide, Pierce conjures visual incongruities, manifested as jewellery and objects, in an attempt to make sense of the nonsense of the everyday and to question common values and what is valuable! 

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Dates and price

Thursday 11th to Sunday 14th April 2019 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
There are 8 places available.

£ 560(most materials incl.)
Early bird booking offer £ 520 by 30.1.2019