Fear. A Masterclass by Christoph Zellweger

Workshop  /  CriticalThinking  /  11 Sep 2021  -  15 Sep 2021
Published: 06.03.2021
Fear. A Masterclass by Christoph Zellweger.
Ar.Co. Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual
DEADLINE: 31/07/2021

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Face it, a source for artistic interventions. Be it real or imagined, fear is our survival response and always experienced physically. The body performs, reacts, while our perceptions are challenged. This masterclass explores fear as a source for artistic interventions and looks at the interplay between body and object as a cultural and personal reference point.
Target audience: Master and PhD students, 3rd year BA students, professionals, and artists from all backgrounds.

Dates and hours: 11 to 15 September, Saturday to Wednesday, 10h–17h.
Language: English
300 €
250 €  (PIN members)
Registration / Application deadline: By 31 July 2021
Applicants should register with a short motivation text, reasoning their interest in the topic of the masterclass (250 words).
Selection process: By 07 August 2021
In the selection process, up to 12 participants will be invited per masterclass. If there are fewer than 8 participants the event may be canceled. Invited participants must pay the full fee by 15 August. Failure to pay the fee by 01 May will result in deregistration and the place will be given to eventual applicants on the waiting list.
Payment: By 15 August (a receipt of payment).

About the Teacher:
Christoph Zellweger (Lübeck, 1962) is an artist internationally known for pushing boundaries on the field of body adornment. He creates poetic artifacts, one-off jewellery pieces, fictional products, and installations, which position themselves between critical design and object art. Between 2009 and 2011 Zellweger researched societies obsession with bodily fat in operation theatres and presented Excessories – Lets talk About Fat in 2012. He showed empty, translucent volumes in blown glass with weight references coming from real operation protocols to report on the diverse fates of fat to become metaphors for absence, gain, and loss. Zellweger’s latest work will be presented at the Museu da Farmácia, Lisbon in 2021. This time Zellweger creates glass ampoules that are containing familiar or mysterious-looking substances - powders that are omnipresent in today's world. Some may be synthetic - toxic and addictive, others life-saving. Manufactured by powerful industries and packaged in small doses, substances like these flood the markets and change our lives. With the right cocktail of hormones, we aim to reinvent ourselves, with a handful of pills and injections we change the way we experience life, the way we reproduce or age, and how we face death. There is a fine line between use and abuse, between charlatanry, science, and faith. Are these substances like 'soma' that in Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World' robs society of the necessity of critical thinking and the questioning of its world order? Can the poetic be a cure?