Dutch Jubilees

Published: 01.12.2006
Dutch Jubilees.
Liesbeth den Besten
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Three celebrating jewellery galleries in one year – this is only possible in Holland.
Gallery Ra in Amsterdam is celebrating its 30th anniversary - more than silver, less than gold, but I would not be all surprised if the gallery gets its gold status as well. Gallery Louise Smit, also In Amsterdam celebrated its 20th anniversary at the beginning of September, while Gallery Lous Martin in Delft is heading for 10 years which will be celebrated in November. 

Gallery Louise Smit celebrates with an exhibition of Evert Nijland’s festive collection Venezia. Some of his ornamental necklaces are made from enlarged and fragile beads in glass and porcelain. Nijland is a master in combining materials like the above-mentioned and ebony, mahogany, textile, electric wire and flock with just a minimum of gold or silver for the constructive parts. In his work a spirit of elegant opulence, of music, water and flow is present.

Gallery Ra presents a fresh and colourful jubilee exhibition called Radiant, that links the past and the present. Current works of sixty artists of the gallery are combined with earlier works chosen from the private collection of Derrez-Hoogstede. The British artist Michael Brennand-Wood created a spectacular and humoristic wall bouquet, made up of textile flowers. It is the eye catcher of the exhibition, and the logo of the invitationcard and cover of the accompanying book. Don’t ignore the few sculls hidden in the floral piece, after all celebrating is just vanity and everything is finite – a thought that definitely also runs through your mind when observing Evert Nijlands jewellery at Gallery Louise Smit.

The youngest of the Dutch jewellery galleries, Gallery Lous Martin in Delft, 10 years old, organized a competition among (jewellery)designers about innovative materials and techniques. The promising results, including jewellery, accessories and small products, will be presented in a catalogue and exhibition Beyond Material. The exhibition opens November 19th.

About the author

Liesbeth den Besten studied art history at the University of Amsterdam. During her last years at University she became interested in contemporary jewellery, thanks to Gallery Ra. Since 1985 when she left University she has been writing, organizing, advising and lecturing in the field of contemporary design, applied arts and jewellery ˆ always as a free lancer.