Inbar Shahak at Boston Craft Show

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Published: 19.12.2016
Inbar Shahak at Boston Craft Show.
Inbar Shahak
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I had the pleasure of exhibiting my new jewelry collection In Boston Craft show this Holiday season, for me it was a new adventure in a new city that I've never been to before.


Exhibition abroad always makes a great adventure, they look so beautiful and promising on the final photos on Facebook land, but the true is that it’s a hard work to get to those fine beautiful photos.

It is extremely hard to understand new exhibition features, sizes might be listed in inches, centimeters or any other way that is not used to us. Finding a true information about how the shows really looks like on the internet and how does it feel to walk through a specific show is also a big challenge.

This show for the first time, I found myself building lights I realize I didn't understand perfectly the booth structure explanation. They did have contractures on site, who could do the job for me, but what I've learned during my years of traveling in exhibitions is that the more you manage to do by yourself makes the best profit.

I really wanted to film what's it's like building a booth, I found this un-glory, hard work, dirty hands job very intrigue and inspiring, but it was very hard to build and film myself on the same time. So, I took the chance and filmed my neighbors, and they were many and extremely talented.

With 175 artists, mostly from the US and few from abroad, the society of arts and craft aim themselves to encourage the creation, collection, and promotion of art works. They held a preview party on the first day with a prize contest in order to promote art, with Marthe Le Van of Mora Gallery as a guest show juror.

The artist next to me was Marjolaine Arsenault Nuno Felt textile artist who combine felt and silk in a Japanese technique for seamless dresses and scarfs.

The Jewelry designer in front of me Chihiro Makio make silver origami jewelry. You can find her full working process explanation in here.

Zoa Chimerum jewelry design their jewelry line with hand-cut rubber tubing over a poseable forged aluminum core making playful, vivid, colorful jewelry.

Samantha Skelton explain to me about her new collection pendant being ruined in the enameled kiln making the best texture pendant she has ever made. She creates sculptural jewelry, which are both delicate and industrial

Tara Locklear is inspired by industrial and social culture materials .making colorful statement jewelry, carved by hand from broken skateboards pieces.

Meghan Ratrice Riley is mixing fabrication and textile techniques for handmade jewelry. Making big statement lightweight necklaces.

Sarah West works inspired by the intersection of jewelry and overlapping line and shadow with color fields and imagery she creates diagrams of emotional landscapes that expose the underlying geography of memory and history

Playing a blogger and a jewelry designer on the same time was so much fun, the true is that sometimes I think that exhibiting around the world is my adult mature way of traveling and talking to people. But as both options make full time job, I couldn’t have the time to really film and talk to all the great exhibitors as I wish I could.

Overall it seems like the show organizers made a huge effort to get the right audience in, with people who appreciate and looking to buy handmade art.

My next exhibitions are Bijoux at the Norton art Museum, and the Loot at the Mad Museum NYC, subscribe to my YouTube channel for more updates for traveling art.