Jewellery as Performance: on Gisbert Stach's Experiments with Jewellery and Life

Article  /  CriticalThinking   PravuMazumdar
Published: 22.11.2019
Gisbert Stach. Brooch: Golden Toast, 2013. Baltic amber, silicone, steel.. Gisbert Stach
Brooch: Golden Toast, 2013
Baltic amber, silicone, steel.
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Beyond the familiar image of jewellery as a constellation of material objects distributed across a human body, Stach's work explores jewellery in association with elementary processes like movement, growth, disintegration, simulation, behaviour. He regards such processes as constitutive elements of a lived and liveable life, and subjects them to an artistic analysis in the mode of performances tuned to the specific nature of jewellery. Stach's work provides rare insights into the performative dimension of jewellery.