Making difficult decisions

Published: 17.07.2013
Sanna Svedestedt, Karin Roy Andersson Sanna Svedestedt, Karin Roy Andersson
Karin Roy Andersson, Sanna Svedestedt Carboo
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When the deadline for our open call expired we had reached 95 applications. Our mailbox had been filled with images of jewellery sent by artists from thirty different countries.
The highest number of applications came from Germany, which was expected considering their strong culture of contemporary jewellery . What did surprise us though, was that the runner up in number of applications was Argentina. Only one came from Spain and Norway but we got applications from several eastern european countries.

The large response made us very honoured and excited and we started the difficult work of selecting the group to show in the exhibition Play for Display. One of our criterias was that the application should contain a good description of the anticipated effect the jewellery would have on a potential wearer. In addition to this we were looking for work that we believe will affect our visitors although the nature of the reaction might come as a surprise to both us and the artists. We looked for well executed craftsmanship and innovation and we wanted to present an interesting geographic spread.

Play for Display will be shown in conjunction with the Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art, GIBCA and our aim is to use this opportunity to introduce the art loving crowd to contemporary jewellery. By presenting a large spectra of expressions we believe that no one will walk out of the exhibition without having seen a piece that has had a strong impact on them.

We have chosen pieces that we think have interesting tactical qualities, jewellery that invites you to interact, that draws you near to discover the details. Pieces that will surprise you, disgust you or that will evoke associations and reconnaissance and pieces that will have an immediate physical effect on the wearer.

Finally we managed to cut down the applications to a number of 24 It was a tough job since a lot of the work presented to us matched and surpassed our expectations, but we are proud to present the the chosen ones:

Play for Display will open September 6th and run until October 6th 2013.
Place: Four gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Artist list:
Bas Bouman, Netherlands | Carole Deltenre, France | Cristina Dias, USA | Danni Schwaag, Germany | Emelie Westerlund, UK/Sweden | Helena Sandström, Sweden | Jana Graf, Germany | Karen Vanmol, Belgium | Kellie Riggs, USA/Italy | Lital Mendel, Israel | Linda Savineau, Belgium | Madalina Stoica, Romania | María Carelli, Argentina | Marina Zachou, Greece | Marion Delarue, France | Marlene Beyer, Germany | Masako Hamaguchi, UK | Mia Maljojoki, Finland/Germany | Ria Lins, Belgium | Ricarda Wolf, Germany | Sandra Tamborini, Argentina | Sofia Björkman, Sweden | Yang Ziyi, China | Zoe Robertson, UK.