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Published: 05.03.2014
Sanna Svedestedt, Karin Roy Andersson Sanna Svedestedt, Karin Roy Andersson
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This is our guide to the dos and don’ts of a brilliant Schmuck visit - for people like us who need to refresh the memory and for first time visitors. A few years ago we wrote a Diagonal - Schmuck guide. Let’s make an updated 2014 version. For the past three years we have organized exhibitions under the roof of the Swedish Church which has totally occupied us during the annual Schmuck week but this year we will take a sabbatical from organizing exhibitions and put 100% focus on exploring and experiencing Schmuck 2014.

1. All planning is good planning.
Number one tip is to plan ahead what it is you really want to see during the Schmuck week.
Study the exhibition presentations at Klimt02 - - the list will be updated continously. This info is easily accessible by the smart phone web version (just write in your phone’s adress field).

To your help you also have the offical flyer from the Handwerkskammer .

The CURRENT OBSESSION magazine will include a spread with a large city map and information about each event taking place in the city. Mark the Current Obession release party in your calendar - thursday March 13th at 84 GHz, Georgenstraße 84 from 21.00. Remember to also mark it on your map. Choosing a good and effective daily route as well as bringing comfortable shoes is crucial for a successful Schmuck trip!

2. Some selected highlights
If you have succeeded with your planning you should be arriving to Munich at the latest on Wednesday March 12th. Then you can start getting your juices flowing by visiting the Schmuck Show 2014 - live presentation of international contemporary jewellery at Muffathalle.  

Image from the Schmuck Show 2013, neckpiece Pixelmania by Zoe Robertsson

Now when you have a good overview of all the main exhibitions and side events you might feel a bit exhausted. It is hard to accept but the truth is that you will not be able to see all events happening during Schmuck week, there is just not enough time! Decide what is most important to you. We definitely won’t miss the Tanel Veenre and Märta Mattsson joint venture, Heimat Punk & Luxusbaba, Destination Schmuck and BONZO GONZO. We also plan to se Staring in HINDSIGHT  and Helen Britton: Unheimlich (The Ghost Train) .

SOLOƧ: never odd or even: Part II, Tanel Veenre and Märta Mattsson

Staring in HINDSIGHT: the State University of New York at New Paltz

3. Keep your eyes open
Does that sound like a strange advice? Of course you will keep your eyes open...but look around you. Art jewellery will not only be on show at the exhibitions, this time of the year Munich is blossoming with wearable art. You will see collectors wearing their favorites, artists wearing each others work and students showcasing their new projects. The best spotting place for art jewellery will be at the opening at Die Neue Sammlung on Friday evening. Friday the 14th is the day of the sardines. Be prepared for some full body contact with your fellow jewellery enthusiasts. If you cannot see more than coats and jackets in the exhibition rooms we strongly recommend that you save those galleries for another day and follow the stream to the grand final of close physical contact and shake your ass at the annual Schmuck party. Where it is always seem like a bit of a mystery but keep your eyes and ears open and you will find it.

4. Try the Bavarian specialities
Too keep up you need to refill the energy levels. Coffeebreaks and snacks are important and there are lot’s of local food. Even if Weisswurst and knödel doesn't sound like your cup of tea it is worth a try - not to mention the apfelstrudel, bretzels and Weissbier.

5. Simmer down
Sunday is usually a slow day - most people are heading home but if you still have some time left this is a perfect day for a relaxed view of the exhibitions you still have not seen or maybe even revisit your favourites. Take the chance to talk to the gallery owner or the artists. Ask the questions that pops up in your head, they might lead you to an interesting discussion. Finally, if you are lucky you might have bought a new piece of jewellery, shopped that book you have been waiting to read, spotted and maybe even talked to one of your jewellery idols. And for sure you have met a lot of artists and colleagues that will inspire you to keep on working when the schmuck marathon is over.


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