Polish designer's jewellery

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Published: 21.03.2007
Polish designer's jewellery.
Andrzej Bielak
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STFZ Goldsmithing Artists' Association
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I belong to these who are of the opinion that Polish goldsmithing after the WW II has really recovered as late as in 1990 ...
I belong to these who are of the opinion that Polish goldsmithing after the WW II has really recovered as late as in 1990. In the very day when it was officially possible to purchase the first kilogram of gold and silver. Before that day the state owned companies were supplying the weak domestic market, and goldsmiths craftsmen were under pressure of hostile to private enterprises regulations and tax system, so they were trying to survive by fixing and repairing jewellery or taking small individual commissions. For last 15 years we are faceting real revolution of founding dynamic manufacturing companies, development of trade, development of export, specially of the jewellery with amber, partly due to Amberif fairs in Gdansk.
In difficult times of communists' indoctrination there has been existing in the field of goldsmithing a phenomenon named artistic jewellery. Artists - sculptors, painters, designers whose official annual supply of material didn't exceed the amount of 200 up to 500 gram of silver were able to develop and conduct dynamic exhibiting activity, and to sell their pieces at home and abroad. It has begun after the end of the WW II in Warsaw, where the group of artists with Jadwiga and Jerzy Zaremski were doing comparatively well, artistic and commercial wise. Then came the activity of creative groups 'Muzeum" and "UFO" and Warsaw division of ZPAP (Association of Polish Artists) and the silver events in Legnica town has appeared with Marek Nowaczyk. Thanks to his perseverance in this small town, also hosting at that time the soviet military garrison, the cycle of exhibitions and competitions for artistic jewellery has begun and it continues until today.
After more than twenty years we have been organizing and involved in more than 100 exhibitions, happenings, seminars, conferences. This is impressive. For certain time some of these events were international known and respected in the world. Due to activity of the Stowarzyszenie Tworców Form Złotniczych (STFZ - Goldsmithing Artists' Association), the association of artists active in goldsmithing, the circle of such artists has been organized, maintained numerous contacts also foreign, the exhibition activity has developed in other Polish cities like Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw.
The STFZ consists now of more than 130 members including members of honor and supporting members. Our organization represents the circles of artists involved in goldsmithing for state administration, institutions, other organizations. We cooperate with organizers of all national competitions with exhibitions. We monitor activity of jewellery galleries in Poland, distinguishing the best of them by our recommendation. We conduct wide informative activity; we are editing our own bulletin "info" and we co edit the magazine "Jubiler Polski" (Polish Jeweller"). We have the internet pages, we maintain close contact with middle and high schools teaching goldsmiths. The important field is the international activity. We have exchanged membership with similar organizations in Europe, we are active in network of European creative associations Ars Ornata Europeana, in year 2000 we have organized in Krakow its next conference "Ars Ornata Cracoviana".
We support our goldsmiths colleagues from countries of former Soviet Union, thanks to our activity they have maintained numerous contacts with Polish and Western colleagues and organizations.
Poland has joined EU in year 2004. Polish creators and jewellery designers are already present there for many years. On coming Inhorgenta fairs in Munich the STFZ will be presenting works by its members again. We are present at fairs organized in Poland from their beginning. Due to good cooperation and relations with organizers we present our pieces for years at the Galeria Projektantow - Designers Gallery. Success of our colleagues: artistic - at top world competitions and exhibitions, and commercial - our jewellery sells in best galleries all over the world confirm activity and creativity of Polish designers.

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Andrzej Bielak, born 13th July 1951 in Cracow. Qualified in Politechnika Krakowska in 1975. Since 1978 jewellery designer and producer. Co-founder and president of Goldsmithing Artists' Association. Associate organizer and juror of jewellery exhibitions and contests. Goldsmith master, goldsmithing teacher, jewellery gallery owner.
Andrzej Bielak by the bench.
Andrzej Bielak by the bench

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In Legnica, starting of STFZ anniversary, with Galery director Z. Kraska.
In Legnica, starting of STFZ anniversary, with Galery director Z. Kraska

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