Reality is fiction. Gallantly valuable jewels

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Published: 21.06.2017
Reality is fiction. Gallantly valuable jewels.
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Reality is pure fiction, it revolves around a good idea, well known and widely discussed, and as any aphoristic thought, it has many different possible interpretations.
Who wrote or who structured language in such way, created one of the mantras which explains to us how we process and understand anything that surrounds us. It tells us where reality is: reality doesn’t lay far from our thoughts. It also expounds how our brain works: by creating reality. Out of all the different interpretations about this topic, some of them would be placed in a dark and malicious spot: as reality is fiction everything can be taken into consideration, because everything can be true. If everything is possible, nothing is.
Some others would settle in the honest side, where, talking interpretatively, we would find an adult approach to the topic: no-one has the truth in their hands. Here the concept of fiction is lovable, trustful, brave, creative. There is no fear, because reality is varying, different, diverging.
This feeling is well transmitted by the work of René Magritte for example. Is what we have in front of us the same that stands behind it? Does the foot fit the shoe? Should I throw the house out of the window? Does a flower contain the sky? Why don’t we consider a horse with the mane of a woman? Night during the day? A rock flowing in the air? Why something so far from us suddenly feels familiar?

In the series of painting The treachery of images, well represented by Ceci n’est pas une pipe the author comes to tell us that even if we see the world as if it was outside of us, far and alienate, the representation we have of it is located inside of our own minds. In the same way, we situate in the past something that happens in the present because space and time shape our reality, and our daily experiences.
In this new challenge, discover the creations of the artists, in this case jewellers, who are giving us the freedom to re-think our realities. They offer us the opportunity to give value to intelligence. They demand us to be responsible for the reality we create.
All this gallantry, all this irony in the language we use, force in the expression of our beliefs, dandy technique, innovative approach to possible solutions... All this reality weighting inside fiction, will be suggested to you through our selection of Artists, so that you can observe it, value it and choose which piece fits your mind best.
Amador Bertomeu

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