Reflections on the copy/paste workshop by Tanel Veenre at WE WALKA Escuela

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Published: 29.10.2014
Reflections on the copy/paste workshop by Tanel Veenre at WE WALKA Escuela.
WE WALKA Escuela
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© By the author. Read Copyright.

The preconceived idea and its collapse -
during four days the participants of the Copy/Paste workshop investigated concepts of originality, ready-made, traditional and innovation under the lead of Tanel Veenre.
Reflections by participants
Tanel Veenre: Copy/Paste - Readymade/Artesanía y Joyería Contemporánea
WE WALKA Escuela

"The challenge of this workshop was to approach the concept of "readymade" in contemporary jewellery trough a subjective process of investigation and critical construction of "materia". Starting from small components combined with craft and simple procedures, where manual and technical skills corroborate with material, intending to discover methods and structural strategies that could lead to series of pieces of the "same". Tracing the idea of repetition and chasing possibilities of variation inside limits of rules, incorporating and experimenting systems that could generate and shape complex forms. A possibility of agency, suggesting directions that float between limits and freedom from which wearable abstract forms emerge."
 - Miriam Pappalardo, architect & jewellery designer, Brazil

Straw necklace by Miriam Pappalardo

"The Copy/Paste workshop was definitely a journey, we learnt and lived a month worth of experiences in four days. It was intense and amazing.  This journey began even before meeting Tanel at Walka Escuela, we all collected materials, objects, ideas, expectations and loads of excitement! I arrived to Walka Escuela a bit scared, anxious and with a lot of motivation and energy.
The first day was the hardest, I had about 6 different materials/objects in front of me but I didn’t have a clue of what I wanted to make or where these four days were going to take me. So, after a day of over thinking things and not accomplishing much (apparently) I decided to leave fears behind and let myself go, with Tanel’s guidance of course! It was certainly the right choice, Tanel is an awesome teacher.  He managed to connect with each one of us and to understand the way we work in a very short period of time. The group was great too, very diverse and especially very open to learning and sharing experiences and knowledge. It was an important part to making this into such a joyful experience.
So, what was the result of all this? Well, I went from carving pebbles to knotting silver dusted horsehair and making it into a vessel, an ethereal and almost invisible vessel. It is something completely different to what I had made before and maybe, the beginning of something new."
 - Natalia Sarrazin, Jewellery & object maker, Chile-Colombia

Vessel by Natalia Sarrazin

"For me the workshop Copy / Paste was an experience unlike any other. Tanel Veenre provided all of the participants with four days of intense learning experiences. It was a personal exploration of new territories and a relentless pursuit to deconstruct something in order to create something new and find the way of contemporary jewellery in conjunction with other creative disciplines.
I think the critical and conceptual thinking, the application of new materials and production collapsed a short time my thoughts and feelings. Being Brazilian and being away from home for so long time pop up memorable events and questions increasingly present. On one hand, the main element, the vegetable leave. On the other, the resin: toxic and resistant plastic material. If you could encapsulate an object or a point in your life, what would it be? Is it fair to imprison a feeling? The pieces "no name" - necklace and brooch - were the result of the transfer of information and particular meanings of personal expression. Working the concept “contrast” was a challenging and valuable opportunity. I thank WE WALKA Escuela, Tanel Veenre and peers for this unique opportunity."
 - Thais Sguillaro, Industrial Designer & jewellery student at WE WALKA Escuela

work by Thais Sguillaro
"My expectations and motivations for the workshop were to meet and learn from a person with great talent and experience in jewellery, whose work I love and inspire me a lot. The process was very fluid. Through my old work and the materials I brought to experiment with, Tanel could read my questions and guided me to reveal my potential.
 The workshop was a space of constant challenge, where I was guided by intuition, silence and improvisation. I learned to respect my time and creative processes, and trust my decisions, without expectations, without judgment or a specific intellectual pursuit. My only purpose was to be present, feel and listen, learn from experience, enjoy the workshop process, and interaction with teachers and peers.
Through this workshop, I found a way related to expressive language and organic forms as nature leaves its mark. By being able to address it with jewellery techniques and other that involve movement and physical effort. With this experience I was able to connect myself with the passion that flows from my heart, making exercises that approached me to discover my artistic needs."
- Margareth Greenhill, Industrial Designer & Jewellery Student at WE WALKA Escuela

work by Margareth Greenhill

Las arpilleristas are an urban local craft expression. They are part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Chile. They were created as a testimony of many relatives of the disappeared persons during the military coup in the 70s through the Committee for Peace and subsequently in various women's groups. In each piece, the women embroidered pieces of fabric giving rise to scenes that were part of his reality as a form of complaint, to channel their anxieties and as a therapy process. They told customs and experiences of the city with a social-artistic character. Many messages kept on the back to be read by family and / or acquaintances abroad.
Through the workshop was achieved to re-contextualize the tradition of the    “Las arpilleristas”, through the characters that comprise the arpilleristas, when they are the protagonists and rapporteurs. Making visible and tangible act to preserve its essence and the accompanying narrative. Tanel’s guidance was crucial when building this new territory that proposes a visual frame in each container and each clustering around the body, getting a room with a 360 degrees tour which allows evidence of femininity and dialogue between opacities with chromatic composition. It aims to sensitize the act of being present and absent, providing a sense of identity and continuity."
-  Antonieta Aguayo, University Professor, Universidad Diego Portales

work by Antonieta Aguayo. Photo by Karen Clunes

"The challenging of this workshop lies in the call made to each participating artist to leave his comfort zone and take risks in working with non-traditional elements. Each session is a constant experimentation with emotions ranging embodied in the object being created. The artist makes an invitation to incorporate history and meaning to each piece, venturing beyond the aesthetic. Over the day, the artist becomes involved with each participant, accompanying him on his process and motivating them to recognize their skills that will lead to develop their full artistic potential.
Tanel Veenre brought to this workshop not only his knowledge, but he also created a pleasant and friendly environment where each participant feels confident about asking his opinion. I thank WE WALKA Escuela for this program which invites great exponents of contemporary jewellery to our country, providing the opportunity to know them and learn from them."
 - Viviana Arévalo, Visual Artist & Jeweller

work by Viviana Arévalo

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Top image: work by Paula Suker, Photographer & Jewellery Student  at WE WALKA Escuela