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Published: 23.01.2009
about eternal.
Mi-Mi Moscow

if you want your works to live forever
then you need to care about them surviving the next Flood
(the poles are moving, and the climate is changing … all this is very suspicious. :)) 
That’s why …. Better to make it of stone!
And store everything up the mountain!
.... though, that didn’t save Machu Pikchu …….. but something was left :)
Ai me! My mum used to say, “You need to do sculpture, son! ……. remember Sculpture!”
I didn’t listen to her…… it is always the same! :)

Live forever, hey……….?

-  Milaaaaaaa, I am here writing about eternal…… and I have a question….. help me! Please!
-  What question?
-  Ah, here you are! …. Question is: would we like to live forever?
-  we? …….. of course we would :) under one condition:  nothing should get broken and spoiled :)
The body should be …   certainly under 30, not older…. Yes? … No?....
well, under 40 years at the most!!!
-  30 years old, OK! :) I agree! Yes!!! ………. What about mind?
-  Mind!! Of course mind should be of real age, what are you talking about?!!!
-  And what about works? …….. in terms of eternity subject ….
-  Works? ……. Most simple, count on your fingers:
Louvre, Metropolitan, Victoria and Albert, Hermitage ….
And this time they should buy it, no gifts anymore! There is a crisis in the country!
And in the whole world as well, in case you don’t know!
And they say, it is really scary, safe guess, with HORNS, HOOVES and A TAIL!
-  A crisis, you say? :) What is this nice smell from the kitchen??? ….. A crisis doesn’t smell like this! :)

(that’s all , she’s gone :) and I am moving towards the table ………. :) lead by the smell!!! :))

You’re laughing? I have it every day :)

So I leave you alone with this question about eternal
And with this one:

Imagine how wonderful would be Leonardo da Vinci’s pictures
if he would do 5, 10, 20 of them per day,
and not for one or two overlords but for everybody in one go.


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mi-mi moscow is a union of two independent artists, Mila Kalnitskaya & Micha Maslennikov. They have been working in jewellery art since 1985. Since 2000 working & exposing together, as mi-mi moscow. Work and live in Moscow, Russia

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