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Across continents

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Published: 08.04.2011
Across continents.
Zhu Aiyu

My memory takes me back to Barcelona 2009.. one year has completely been past..but I do miss my time there.. far away from everything that I was familiar…and surrounded by a new group of people, a new language...all I had to do was to observe in the exterior world as to live with my interior space. It was very stimulating. This was winter Barcelona in 2009.

since we met Javier at the end of 2009 in Escola d’Art del Treball, a seed was planted in the two continents for both of us, by a number of e mails of discussion, working with both our professors and schools, the possibilities of meeting in Hangzhou became real in March 2011. Aren't this very pleasant experience?

so ,this was spring Hangzhou from the view of a public park, 2011

and we had the Barcelona visiting group in the Academy.

Exchanging our ideas by the lunch table. Dining is a  kind of philosophy in the Chinese social life.

Presentation of Prof. Javier Aguado Cinto and Prof. Sandra Yelo at the topic of the school and salt jewerly workshop.

Presentation of workshop: Costume Jewelry Design of student Xu Chen

The exchange exhibition presented in the gallery of China Academy of Art, sponsored by the Medie Jewelry, was absolutely another way that allowed us to know each other beyond languages. This was from the opening.

Coming to the exhibited jewelry pieces, I read relax, enjoy, pleasure in the spanish pieces while I experienced serious, delicacy in the chinese works. In some of works you will see the individuality of our jewelry artists..
Zhou Xiao-Brooch                                      Joan Avino -Necklace

Maria Ninot                           Huang Xiaowang-Ceremonial Censer

Zhang Lan-Necklace                                       Sandra Yelo-Brooch

Zhu Aiyu-Pendant                                    Juan Riusech-Necklace


About the author

Zhu Aiyu is now a postgradute from China Academy of Art. She makes jewellery&glass artworks. She is glad to work with anyone who has interests for exchange in this field.

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This blog is created to share experiences on jewellery dialogues.