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The advantages of being unpractical

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Published: 30.04.2010
The advantages of being unpractical.
Sanna Svedestedt

Karl Fritsch
Ring: Untitled 2008
Silver, gems
A few weeks ago Klimt02 Gallery sold this ring by Karl Fritsch. We were thrilled, imagining this art piece on someone’s finger. A common reaction looking at a ring like this could be “but how do you wear it?” and in Sweden people are usually quite concerned how it would fit it in a glove. The right answer is; this does not belong in a glove.

Do not put Karl in a glove.
Wearing “unpractical” jewellery has great advantages. A piece like this gives you a waterproof excuse not to do the dishes:
 Tithi Kuchamuch, Nutre Arayavanish.
Paper Rings
When you put on a ring like "Poppy" by Alidra Alic - it may slow you down and distinguish a moment in your everyday life.

 Alidra Alic
Ring: Poppy 2008
925 silver, 75 x 25mm

Lisa Björke
Necklace: “Once upon a time...” series 2010
Iron, spray paint, yarn
When you are wearing a piece like a necklace from the “Once upon a time...” series by Lisa Björke maybe you will not appreciate a tight embrace, but instaid - enjoy the interesting reactions. Jewellery can make you more aware of your body, your surroundings and the way people observe you.

Jewellery artists show their work all over the world. Here at Klimt02 you can find the directions to more than 95 galleries dedicated to jewellery. This is amazing. One of the advantages of expressing art through jewellery is that jewellery can be wearable. We have the privilege to show art wherever we are. This is also a responsibility. If we want to people to see, experience and wear jewellery art we have to set a good example.

With hopes of an adorned future

- Sanna and Karin

About the author

Sanna Svedestedt, Klimt02 Forum Editor & jewellery artist

Karin Roy Andersson, Manager gallery Four, Gothenburg & jewellery artist


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