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Published: 01.07.2010
Mi-Mi Moscow

I saw “Avatar” the other day (later than everybody else :) but I am SO lazy)

Bones are quite firm structures.
…and most important, all of them are ruled by THE SAME LAW.

If we change the proportions of the monkey’s scull – we get a horse’s scull or a whale’s scull.
Depending on the course of the changes.
…. We changed the proportions but not the laws,
i.e. all the bones stayed in their places, both in the horse and in the whale..
And  they did NOT go anywhere, because they are needed.
Then, we cover the bones with muscles and the muscles with skin…
But however hard we try…we don’t get AVATAR! … And the military make-up doesn’t help.
Both the horse and the small mouse have heels, same as humans.
But since their evolutional paths and the use of the bones differ, the proportions are different as well,
the law staying without change.
Sure, the guys wanted to create something SUPERB, were looking for possibilities…
and that’s about it. Ups! They did what they could…
Critisize them…? …. But we kind of practice tolerance… and we don’t like making enemies.
But on the other hand

What is the difference between a modern jewelry art gallery and a souvenir shop
somewhere there in Marrakesh, Cairo, Paris or Moscow?????
… no difference….

A bit more tidy and spacious … actually no other difference.  

Money?.... Each one is sweating to earn his living in his environment,
One kind of money in Cairo, another kind in Paris…
(Usually very soon it’s over anyway ...  
either in Holland, or Germany, or Zimbabwe)

Status? … The status is different.

WE ARE ARTISTS!!!!! …. Sounds proud, and – most important – EXCLUSIVE!

I am just following my flow….and don’t mean to hurt anybody’s feelings.

This claim (to be exclusive) lives inside ourselves and doesn’t find reflection in the outer world,
I’ll explain:
I say: “I am an Artist!” and I want to exhibit my work… for example at “Art-Moscow”.
This is one of the main Art-events in Russia.
(Anyway, there is something like this in every country).

So, “Art-Moscow”… can I participate?
… No.
Before, the rules wrote it black on white: “JEWELERS ARE NOT ALLOWED”
Now, they found a smoother sentence: “artists are not allowed directly”
How is this!?
This is it!
14th International  Contemporary Art Fair September 22-26, 2010

…….. Ok! Only galleries! I see!... but what galleries?
I haven’t found any gallery presenting modern jewelry and applied arts.
OK! These are apples and oranges! In Russia we say: “Flies in one place, cutlets in another!”
Ah well,  there are no galleries in Russia presenting modern jewelry.
It is very clear: “If you’re drowning, you’re on your own (or Help yourself)!”
But, in Europe, in the Little Europe and in the Big Europe, there are some!
And, if one reads artists’ biographies, there are many! And they are all working.
So it should seem, HURRAY! Jewelry art of NATO countries ahead of the planet!!!!
…. but… is it true?
Let’s have a look… let’s take the best of the best, the uttermost Anglo-Saxon “flies”:

SOFA: “The World's Foremost Fairs of Contemporary Decorative Arts & Design”
COLLECT: “annual fair for contemporary craft. Through its presentation of work from the best international applied artists”

Drop out all the words communicating “THE  TOUGHEST GUYS” and “Harder than boiled eggs, higher than Everest mountain”
The question is simple:
Can a gallery presenting modern jewelry participate in such events as
“ART MOSCOW  International  Contemporary Art Fair”
And if the answer is no,

So we see, “flies are in one place, and cutlets in another”
whether the flies are coming from London or Ethiopia, or from Jupiter, doesn’t really matter,
the thing is that they are not allowed to the cutlets, and are being kept at a distance from Art.

And Art-Market is really VAST.

One thing, the fence around the reservation is very obvious
Whether it’s called “Design” or “Craft” or “Decorative Arts” doesn’t make a difference.
What is important, this “reservation” doesn’t belong to the territory of Art.
(that’s what my eyes see, but my mind doesn’t comprehend)
And the status of a mediocre sculptor is incomparably higher than the status of a most wonderful jeweler.
(that’s what my eyes see but my mind doesn’t comprehend!)

People create fences themselves.


Why do I dwell on this subject?
… I just want to understand: where are we? Where do we go? And What comes tomorrow?
… of course, I don’t care so much about this “Art-Moscow” :) and my Mania of Grandeur will not be affected by this or that “status” :)


First, I don’t like to be restricted and my path being put into a frame even if it’s just a mental frame.
And, second:
I looked around me….
And I didn’t see those who were there before and participated in exhibitions with me.
Neither did I see anybody coming to replace them.
Maybe my sight is bad? or my measuring bar is too high? … I don’t know
…. I just didn’t see anybody and that’s it.
The young are making money… and probably I am glad for them.
There is a lot of people in Russia now who’s doing it.
The Museum of Applied Arts removed the permanent exposition of Russian Contemporary Jewelry  
and sent it to the storage… it looks like people are not interested anymore.
The last exhibition in Russia in which we participated, was in 2003.

This year our Alma Mater suggested organizing our exhibition,
But we refused… because of the lack of interest here.

Maybe there will come a day and Russian Jewelry will resurrect.
We don’t have any doubts about it. Russia is a strange country :)

Maybe it will be a spectacular rocking fairy show :) … but not now.

:) Our Alma Mater :)
(mistake: the present Rector’s name is Alexander Stasuk)

And here are some great names connected with this University:

Vassily Kandynsky and Kasimir Malevich, Vladimir Tatlin and Alexander Rodchenko, El Lissitsky and Alexander Vesnin, Vladimir Favorsky and Nikolai Ladovsky


NO PASARAN!!! & Best! Best! Best!
mi-mi moscow