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Published: 28.01.2011
Sanna Svedestedt

Sweden. Home of Ingmar Bergman, the blond Amazons and free running elks. Red houses with white corners and equality. On the other hand many of us are suffering from depressions and caused by the dark winter hours and suicides are not as uncommon as we would like to think. Among woman and teenagers the statistics compared to other countries are really bad. Since the last election we have a xenophobic party in the government and in December the first suicide bomb attack took place in Stockholm.  Although we would like the world to picture us as a country of wealth and beauty we realize the image of Sweden is changing.

We challenged 8 jewellers to create jewellery on the theme ”Sweden”. It is a wide topic and open for interpretations, but we asked them to look at Sweden In general and Swedish women in particular. The project started in October last year, and now we have seen the first results of the project.

The group of artist we engaged for this show is, when you look at it, quite similar to each other. They are all female, around 30 years of age, has no children, are well educated and they come from similar backgrounds. The similarity of the artist first had us concerned. What if we end up with similar pieces? The truth is that people with our kind of education form a quite homogen group It could be interesting to see why there are so few students with other backgrounds going through higher art studies in Sweden.
We have had a couple of group meetings during the process, to discuss the work. And right from the start it was clear that this group have very different approaches to the subject. Although we agree on many of the topics and views brought up. But this just makes us even more excited to put the pieces on show and hopefully get the opinions of a wide range of visitors. Until then - let us give you a taste sample of their thoughts on the subject.

The work of Märta Mattsson concerns the myth and image of the blond sexy Swedish icon. Blue eyes and blond hair is often expected. But who knows what goes on behind that scene, and what are the true colours?

Object, Märta Mattsson, 2011

Nina Mårtensson is exploring the process and the beauty of aging and decay, and how beauty preferably also has to be practical and apply-able to everyday life - of course you should be able to wash the dishes and make gardening with your wedding ring?

Ring, Nina Mårtensson, 2011, silver, diamonds

Hanna Liljenberg gave us jewellery in paper – tracing back to one of the larger industries of this country.

Broosch, Hanna LIljenberg, 2010, paper

Maria Ylander has been inspired by the Swedish religions. Christianity that gave place to the socialist society - and now seam to be looking for a new icon - religious factors of the traditional socialist society.

Brooch, Maria Ylander, 2011, silver, collectors' pins, ebony, brass

Linda Marie Karlsson found inspiration in the swedish “vemod” – meaning a yearning beautiful kind of sadness.

Brooches, Linda Marie Karlsson, 2011

Lisa Björke got trigged by homestyling. Maybe this could be referred to as the new swedish religion? This is her interpretation of a classic masculine homestyled flat.

Brooch, Lisa Björke, 2011. Wood, steel

Pernilla Persson is looking for a cure.

Pin, Pernilla Persson, 2011, silver, paper

Malin Lövgren. Trying to make time, to save time, to get time to work. Sometimes it is paralyzing.

Ring, Malin Lövgren, 2011, silver

Sanna Svedestedt got inspired by traditional jewellery made with hair, and the everlasting myth of the blond beauty.

Bracelet, Sanna Svedestedt, 2011

Karin Roy Andersson made a self portrait. Constantly collecting, constantly consuming, constantly chewing.

Necklace, Karin Roy Andersson, 2011, gum base, softeners, sweeteners, flavourings, potato flour, pearl silk, silver.

The opening is the 17th of March in Munich. Book your flights, pack your bags, and we will meet you there.

// the Swedish Bikini Team