“BENDERA ARRIBA!!!” (make the colors!)

Blog post
Published: 23.01.2009
Mi-Mi Moscow

Greeting and wishes

Hello Dear Friends! We are glad to meet you!
We see good people here .... and it’s very very good!

Attention 1:
You know of course, that "mi-mi moscow" - two persons
Mila Kalnitskaya and Micha Maslennikov
This Blog will be conducted by me - Micha
Because Mila is studying her next language (again!!! :) )
and English now is contra-indicated  for her ...... yet!
but You can be sure, She is always near :)
head and shoulders are always together ..... :)

Attention 2:
You can deceive a Russian person  ...... easily :) and without any problems :)
But I would not like to be in your place when your deceit will open up
and at this moment I would prefer to live on the other continent (as a minimum)
it's a Joke :) of course :) ...... but if you want to check it up :) :) :)  
please, remember about “Delete”  button.
(Not only plasticine is soft, but plastic explosives as well :) )

I can be mistaken
We can be mistaken
You can be mistaken
ALL around us can be mistaken

I understand,
You and I belong to different worlds.
but each of us knows precisely where Mordor is :)
It is in Moscow!!! Certainly!!!  and without any doubts!
Gmmm :) ....... but :) I think differently :) ..... and so :)
I try ..........

we can try to understand each other
and my hand is open to you

"I think differently" - the General line in this place.

You can change the word “think” in this phrase and insert another one:
“see”, “hear”, for example .... or “understand” .... and so on.

What we have:

First of all: Our Own World.

Second: Our Own Compass.
...... :) as Jack Sparrow
it's crazy too :) .... but it works!

Third: Our Own experience
Our experience is only our experience, of course.
and it is not applicable for you, but
it can help you to find your own way

and what we can:

We can allow you to penetrate inside us and to see this world through our eyes
( Please, no sex propositions, I am married :) )

.................. It may be a very interesting adventure.

It depends only:
On you
On your curiosity
And on your questions of course

If you have any latent (inner) problems connected with Russians
Either Gas or War (weapons) or something else
You can imagine that I am a green caterpillar sitting and smoking kalian on my mushroom :)

............. if it helps your communication .... OK! ... easily :) and without any problems :)

don’t be afraid ..... I am afraid myself :)
I am not cleverer than you.
You are not cleverer than me.

Simply ... you and me, we are different... and nothing more, but it is so interesting

............. and so ... I am open to you