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Published: 04.05.2009
Mi-Mi Moscow

My father often says:
“You can break a brick wall with your head, but why?
And what will you be doing there behind the wall with all this blood on your face?”

People say “He’s a Hero… He’s broken the Old Canons”…
….. Whoops! :) I’ll share a secret here:
…… just as a metal ball.

It is Rubbish!
It is even more of Rubbish than to sever your head from your body with an electric saw.
(if this is the case, people can find your remains later and bury them).

It is more like to erase yourself from the picture of the World with a rubber.
CANON is something with the help of which the future generations to identify you and all your art.              

You can only CONTRIBUTE to creation of NEW CANONS.

TO BREAK AND TO CREATE – are different notions.

It always ties in with time,
And Times are always different: naturally something is dying, something is being born.

CANON is a standard of a particular time.
It is “the ABSOLUTE ZERO POINT” … you are a Hero! :) as far as you could wander from this point ! :)

… or, if you like, it is 36.6 degrees on the thermometer!
Otherwise, how do we know about our temperature?
You don’t think about breaking the thermometer, do you?  
No of course you don’t! because the THERMOMETER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!

Or, 90 - 60 - 90……… Tell Rubens about that :), he will have a good laugh! :)