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Bye bye 2010

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Published: 06.01.2011
Bye bye 2010.
Sanna Svedestedt

Hello 2011! A fresh new year, but we can’t let go of 2010 just yet. It was a brilliant year – let us share some of last year's high lights.

In January after a few stressful weeks of renting out our apartments, organizing a billion of practical things and packing our bags we jumped on the plane to Barcelona. This flight was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

In February Karin left Spain for a short trip to Estonia. I went there to build an exhibition at Hop Gallery. Tallinn was much colder than I was prepared for, but absolutely beautiful and with an impressive cultural activity. I hade some time to visit the school and the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design. The museum showed a very interesting exhibition “Know How”, where artists had made pieces that should be easily re-constructed by another person. Therefore the pieces had to be simple but yet interesting – a very difficult assignment which many of them had carried out perfectly!

Images from Tallinn

March: an important month for jewellers. This year Sanna was thrilled to be one of the exhibitors at Schmuck in Munich.

Sannas brooch in reindeer skin got to share space with pieces by Ramon Puig Cayàs.

During the visit in Munich we wanted to make it to as many satellite exhibitions as possible. I think we made it to about 16 different shows during the weekend, with lasting impressions from for example Danner-Rotunde, an exhibition curated by Karl Fritsch.

This image is from the Aavistus exhibition by the finish artisit Tiina Rajakallio, Tarja Tuupanen, and Maria Vuorinen.

In April spring finally came to stay in Barcelona. We spent our time working at klimt02 and in the studio of Marc Monzó, but we also had time to enjoy the city.

And we danced. Sometimes so hard the shoes fell to pieces.

In May Barcelona won La Liga. We had become a bit patriotic by then and celebrated the victory cordially.

June – July – summertime! Returning to Gothenburg with fading tans but with permanent memories.

It was interesting to live abroad and to see for example how the Swedes and Swedish women are looked upon. This gave us inspiration for the project called “A Pieceful Swedish smörgasbord” which will be exhibited in Munich in March.

A Pieceful Swedish Smörgåsbord

The fourth of September Karin, Hanna Liljenberg, Ellen Jacobsen Holvik and Malin Lövgren opened the gallery/boutique/workshop Four. To finally get a workshop of your own is a dream coming true for both of us. This goes quite high on the top point list of 2010.

Ellen, Hanna and Karin working at Four

During the autumn we also took a workation. This is the pleasure of combining work and vacation. Karin participated in an exhibition in Cisano di San Felice del Benaco, Italy.

Images from the workation in Italy, and in the bottom left corner Joya, Barcelona

And since we were so close we could not resist a short visit in Barcelona. We came just in time for the jewellery fair Joya, but a little bit too early too see the new spaces of Klimt02.

In October Sanna exhibited in Stockholm during Konstslöjdsalongen 2010 and also started in SPIRA; a project aiming to help young entrepreneurs to start up their line of work. It turned into a very busy fall. Already in November the snow started to fall in Gothenburg, but we almost didn’t notice that the season changed.

December is a good month for jewellery. We can’t think of better gifts, can you?

Karin got some really nice presents for herself. One pairarrings by Ellen Jacobsen Holvik and "Swing earrings" by Rouge:

Yes! you can wear it with gloves! Black wood diamond by Sanna, photo by Ellen Jacobsen Holvik.

Finally it was about time to take a short break. During the Christmas holiday we both went up north to visit our families.

Ok…now we are ready to move. Bring it on, 2011!


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Sanna Svedestedt, Klimt02 Forum Editor & jewellery artist

Karin Roy Andersson, Manager gallery Four, Gothenburg & jewellery artist


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